Dear Canon, THIS Is What a Filmmaker Looks Like

A couple of days ago I made a startling discovery: the camera brand Canon had co-opted the slogan I use all the time for my projects This is what a filmmaker looks like and used it as a cover image for a corporate video about female cinematographers.I would not have said anything about this, except: when I watched the video I found it to be filled with toxic stereotypes about women in film. As a female director and cinematographer, and an advocate for representation, this didnt sit well with me.

The video featured only TWO white female cinematographers speaking for all women in film. The editor of the video selected sound bites that were quite negative, making cinematography appear incredibly hostile to women. I tried to put myself in the shoes of a young woman watching the video; instead of being motivated to pursue a career in filmmaking, I would have been turned off and discouraged.

Theres something else that compounded my feeling of discomfort and motivated me to speak up. I realized this is the first time that I have ever watched an official video by Canon that shows women using Canons professional camera equipment. Typically Canon only features men in videos for high-end camera gear.

I had been waiting for 10 years to see someone that looked like me in one of their videos for equipment destined for professional photography or cinematography. And this video felt like a major letdown.If youre curious about the video, you can watch it on YouTube.

A long relationship with CanonI have no ill will against Canon. I have used their cameras for over a decade: I made a feature-length documentary The Illusionists using their 5D Mark II. Ive filmed many other documentary projects using the Mark II , and more recently, a Canon 5D Mark IV.

On my wedding day last August, I cracked up guests as I used my beloved Mark IV throughout the day, taking plenty of photos; I was the photographer bride.Youll rarely see me without a camera in my hands. Im also brand agnostic: I routinely use Canon, Fujifilm and Nikon cameras and lenses depending on what Im working on.

An opportunity to start a conversationI abhor cancel culture and social media pile-ons. This is not an attempt to diss Canon; I love Canon cameras and lenses. Maybe the discovery of this video, and this post, could be the opportunity to start a conversation about how camera manufacturers could truly help female creatives and give a boost to their careers, helping to narrow the gender gap in film.

Brands like Canon but also Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and Fujifilm certainly have the resources, popular platforms and connections to nurture the careers of female photographers and cinematographers. To improve their representation. And change the culture along the way.

Canons video about women in film is not how to do it.Before we start, I think its also important to bring you up to date to the work Ive been doing under the slogan This is what a filmmaker looks like. You need some context, so lets rewind to September 2017.

The origins of my project This is What a Film Director Looks LikeFrustrated by the invisibility of female directors and cinematographers in our popular culture, I had an idea. Maybe I could harness the power of the internet and the popularity of GIFs to increase the visibility of women in film. In September 2017, I started creating GIFs that said: this is what a film director looks like and this is what a cinematographer looks like with photos of female filmmakers and their names in big bold letters.

I uploaded them to GIPHY the internets leading database of animated GIFs and shared them on my Twitter account. No more excuse for people who cant name a single female director or cinematographer. The project soon caught the attention of people working at GIPHY; they enjoyed it so much, that they gave me an official GIPHY channel.

This means that any GIF I make gets automatically fed into search engines, as well as the GIF directories in Slack and Twitter.In three years, I have made over 200 GIFs of women in film; theyve gotten over 30 million views. If you search for GIFs of filmmakers on GIPHY or Twitter or Slack you will see as the top results my images.

I almost created a gender imbalance, as searches for cinematographer mostly yield my GIFs of female cinematographersIn addition to making GIFs, I decided to expand my mission to the real world and design and sell t-shirts with slogans like: this is what a film director looks like and this is what a cinematographer looks like. I love the idea that female filmmakers can proudly wear this message. Seeing photos of filmmakers I admire wearing these t-shirts brings me so much joy.

I have strived, since the very beginning of the project, to make it diverse and inclusive. I want everyone to feel represented and to feel like: If she can do it, so can I. Fast-forward to the present day and the Canon video with the cover image This is what a filmmaker looks like.

Canon Europes video on women in filmI watched the video, heart beating fast, as this is a topic Im obviously very passionate about.I wanted to love the video, feel inspired and energized by it, galvanized to keep on fighting for the representation of women in film. I thought how wonderful to have Canon as an ally in this.

Instead, the video left me with a bitter taste and some questions.My 3 Questions for Canon1) Who produced this video and decided to feature only two white female cinematographers?I have nothing but respect for the two cinematographers featured in this video.

I will not name them here because my critique is aimed at who produced and who edited the video. These women are phenomenal cinematographers and I have the utmost admiration for them.I am simply puzzled by the decision to only pick TWO white female cinematographers for a video that purports to start a debate about all women in film.

Why?There are so many talented female cinematographers out there, of all ages, races, ethinic backgrounds and nationalities. Canon, if you want some inspiration about who to feature next time, check out my GIPHY channel.

2) Who edited this video?The first thirty seconds of any video are the most important ones: thats when a viewer decides whether to stick around and learn more or give up watching. Im infinitely puzzled by the decision to use this dialogue for the first 30 seconds of a video that is supposed to highlight the work of female cinematographers:Cinematography is traditionally a very male profession.

Its a technical job, its a physical job, it involves a lot of endurance, a lot of heavy lifting these are things that certainly in Western society, weve not thought that women are good at.Those are sound bites taken directly from the interviews with the two female cinematographers featured in the video. I do not mean to criticize the cinematographers at all.

I just find it irresponsible, on the part of the EDITOR, to use those sound bites at the beginning. They set a negative tone that is hard to shake off. Repeating toxic stereotypes only reinforces them.

Especially when this dialogue is accompanied by dramatic music.Heres how I would have edited the video instead. Act I:You could have started the video showing these inspiring cinematographers at work.

You could have briefly mentioned their background and accomplishments (we never hear about them in the video so we dont know why we should care about them). Get us hooked on their stories, so we want to learn more about them. Act II:You could have mentioned the struggles these DPs have had to overcome in their careers, mentioning stats about how the field of cinematography has been male dominated for decades.

Nevertheless they persistedAct III: and went on to work on incredible films that won them awards. Then you could have used hopeful sound bites saying that the industry is changing. And you could have told us how YOU, Canon, plan to support female cinematographers going forward ending with the image of a mosaic of female cinematographers at work in various countries around the world.

A diverse, inclusive mix.More inspiring, isnt it?Ultimately the tone of the original video is also quite forceful and purports to tell a universal truth about women in film.

It only discusses difficulties: gender bias, economic barriers, obstacles at every step. The video fails to mention how glorious it is to work as a cinematographer. Which brings me to the next point:3) Why dont you ever feature prominent female cinematographers and photographers in your videos for professional equipment?

With this video, you are sending the message that maybe you care about the gender imbalance in the creative industry. But sorry Canon, I think youre part of the problem. Youve consistently featured male cinematographers and photographers in virtually ALL your video campaigns for professional camera equipment.

I know something about this, as Ive been watching all your video commercials for professional cameras since 2010. Youve always chosen men in their 30s or 40s to star in product announcement videos:Ditto for testimonials from film and photography professionals about your high end cameras:The only time I see women or people of color in official Canon videos is for the promotion of consumer products, like entry level cameras and gadgets. But theres more.

Every time you release a new professional camera body, you hire a cinematographer to film a video, showcasing that cameras capabilities. I watched all your recent videos for the C100, C200 and C300 cameras and you invariably feature male cinematographers and all male camera crews.Here is a mosaic of screenshots I took from your numerous behind the scenes videos:Dear Canon, its a mans mans world in your videos for professional camera equipment.

If I was a young woman stumbling upon your YouTube channel, looking for inspiration, I would not see anyone that looked like me.So, imagine my shock, when I finally see a video on your channel showing female cinematographers using the slogan This is what a filmmaker looks like but the whole video is negative and repeats toxic stereotypes about women in film from start to finish.Why is it that you only show men having fun and doing cool projects with professional camera equipment?

Maybe you are also part of the problem?Dear Canon, YOU could be the changeYou are one of the leading brands of camera equipment. Maybe next time you film a campaign for one of your top products, you could hire a female director of photography to shoot a film that accompanies the product release?

It would be a first for you. Ive been waiting for this moment for a decade.If you cant think of any female directors of photography for the job, well, FREE THE WORK is a curated talent discovery platform of underrepresented creators (hey, Im a member, if youre looking for someone in France or Italy).

And if you need to showcase talented female photographers at work in one of the videos for your new cameras, Daniella Zalcman has created a global database of brilliant female photographers: Women Photograph.Dear Canon, THIS is what a filmmaker looks like:Now can you please start featuring us in your videos for professional camera equipment?Hire us, pay us handsomely, give us visibility, and by doing so, change the culture.

And make young aspiring filmmakers dream. The ball is in your court. sincerely,Elena RossiniElena Rossini is an Italian filmmaker, photographer and an advocate for representation.

Notable projects include the feature-length documentary The Illusionists about the globalization of beauty and the dark side of advertising (which Rossini shot with a Canon 5D Mark II). Rossini has been populating the internet with GIFs of women in film; her most recent project is 100 Days of Women in Film a blog with profiles and Q&As of unsung heroines in cinema and TV. Links:elenarossini.

comThis is what a film director looks like on GIPHY100 Days of Women in FilmJoin my mailing list to keep in touch

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Knowledge About Video Editor
1. Works of video editor Inventing Herself 1993 Mama's Pushcart: Ellen Stewart and 25 years of La MaMa E.T.C. Conjure Women 1995Inventing HerselfRoyals began her public films with Inventing Herself, a videowall installation of images of African American women. This work premired at the 1993 Mill Valley Film Festival. It was reset-up at the Majestic Theater of the Brooklyn Academy of Music along with an international arts fest in 1995. Conjure WomenConjure Women is a performance-based feature film documentary (1995) exploring the artistry and philosophy of African American female artists. They use their art expertise to recover the African traditions that their previous generations had to renounce. Having grown up in the West they must fight to reclaim their "Africanisms". The director Demetria Royals says it is "telling the story of African Americans in our own distinct and self-defined voices. " It also looks at challenging the existing stereotypes of African American culture. It was first shown at the 1995 Mill Valley Film Festival and broadcast on national television in February 1997. It is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts. It lasts 85 minutes and is available on 16mm and video. ------ 2. wiat Gier Komputerowych of video editor wiat Gier Komputerowych (English: The World of Computer Games) was a Polish video gaming magazine. It was first issue was released on 14 December 1992 as an addition to the Amiga magazine Amigowiec (deemed the 8-page 0th issue). The permanent editorial team consisted of about 15 people. The first editor-in-chief was Mirosaw Domosud, but he was replaced by Piotr Piekowski, who held this position until the paper was discontinued. It was intended mainly for older players, written in a more formal style than competitors such as Top Secret and CD-Action. On February 1997, the 50th issue was issued, while April 2001 saw the hundredth issue be published. The magazine celebrated its tenth anniversary in February 2003, being the only such magazine on the market to reach this milestone. The last issue appeared in July 2003 as a double. The decision was due to the unsatisfactory sales of the magazine, around 50,000 copies per month. After its dissolution, an attempt was made to revive the paper as Nowy wiat Gier Komputerowych, however this only lasted for two months. ------ 3. Francess Halpenny of video editor Francess Georgina Halpenny CC FRSC (May 27, 1919 December 25, 2017) was a Canadian editor and professor. Born in Ottawa, she received a master's degree in English language and literature from the University of Toronto in 1941. She joined the editorial department of the University of Toronto Press in 1941. She was appointed managing editor in 1965 and associate director (academic) in 1979. She served as dean of the Faculty of Library Science at the University of Toronto from 1972 to 1978, now known as University of Toronto Faculty of Information. From 1969 to 1988, she was a general editor of the Dictionary of Canadian Biography and promoted Canadian history on CBC Radio. In 1979, she was made an Officer of the Order of Canada and was promoted to Companion in 1984. In 1977 she was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. She was awarded the Molson Prize in 1983 for her editorial work on the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. She has also received eleven honorary degrees from various Canadian universities. Halpenny died in December 2017 at the age of 98. ------ 4. Channel 24 (Israel) of video editor Channel 24 (Hebrew: 24), formally known as Music 24 (Hebrew: 24), is an Israeli free-to-air television channel owned by Telad, which was launched on July 20, 2003 and broadcasts music videos by Israeli musicians. Apart from music videos, the channel has different music-related shows, including interviews with musicians, live performances, music-oriented talk shows and programs which are dedicated to a specific genre of music. The channel's editor-in-chief, Yoav Kutner, has been one of the most influential figures in the Israeli rock scene. For more than 20 years he has been instrumental in introducing new singers, both Israeli and foreign, in his radio shows (which he quit in order to head the TV channel) to generations of Israeli music fans. Music 24 has struggled through monetary and ratings problems since its inception. Critics claim it has become a niche channel for Israeli bands and singers which appear only on it and otherwise remain anonymous for the public at large. However, it has been responsible for advancing the career for others. In May 2019 the channel was sold to Telad, rebarnded "The New Channel 24" and re-launched on May 8th and broadcasts Entertainment Show and Movies beside the music videos and shows. ------ 5. Ingmar Zahorsky of video editor Ingmar Zahorsky (born 17 February 1983 in Eckernfrde, Schleswig-Holstein) is a photojournalist and award-winning media artist from Germany. He is the son of physicist Karl-Heinz Zahorsky who is the founder and president of LaserSoft Imaging AG. He is an honors graduate of the Art Institute of California - San Francisco. Zahorsky's commercial media work for clients such as Yahoo!, AMD and Cisco had a wide audience on television and the web. He worked as a videographer on the full dome planetarium show Maya Skies. The show had its world premiere at the Instituto Politcnico Nacional, Mexico City on October 23, 2009. His journalism career started at Amateur Illustrator for which he interviewed artists such as Dana Lynne Anderson, Jacob Appelbaum and Ali Jamalzadeh. Recently he worked in Nepal, Kathmandu covering the Maoist uprising. Zahorsky currently is the Photo Editor of CHINAsia Update a diplomatic southeast Asian magazine. ------ 6. Biography of video editor As a journalist, Michel Crpu is a literary critic. He was responsible for the literary pages of the Catholic newspaper La Croix before becoming editor in 2002 and then in 2010 the director of the Revue des deux Mondes. He is also a literary critic at Le Masque et la Plume fr on France Inter, Tout arrive fr on France Culture and collaborates on a variety of newspapers including the Romanian Observator Cultural. Michel Crpu is also a writer, an essayist and novelist. He has published Le Tombeau de Bossuet which received the "Prix Femina Vacaresco" now replaced by the prix Femina essai and the Grand prix de la Critique littraire of the Acadmie franaise as well as Le Souvenir du monde fr, rewarded by the prix des Deux Magots. In January 2015, he was appointed chief editor of Nouvelle Revue franaise by Antoine Gallimard and to the reading committee of the ditions Gallimard. ------ 7. Per Edgar Kokkvold of video editor Per Edgar Kokkvold (born 26 March 1946) is a Norwegian journalist, former editor and secretary-general of the Norwegian Press Association, and current chair of the Norwegian Broadcasting Council. Kokkvold was born in Rros. He spent most of his career in Arbeiderbladet, where he was foreign news commentator from 1973 to 1984, foreign news editor from 1984 to 1991 and editor (not editor-in-chief) from 1991 to 1996. He was the secretary-general of the Norwegian Press Association from 1996, until succeeded by Kjersti Lken Stavrum in 2013. He was in 2014 elected to chair the Norwegian Broadcasting Council for the period 2014 to 2017. In 2006, controversy arose when Kokkvold advocated publishment of the Muhammad cartoons. He received several death threats related to the controversy and needed police protection for long periods. In 2013 he was awarded the Fritt Ord Honorary Award for his fight for free speech and his commentary on media ethics and journalistic practice. He was awarded the inaugural Gunnar Snsteby memorial prize together with Kristin Solberg in 2015. Kokkvold resides in Drbak, Norway. ------ 8. Irv Slifkin of video editor Irv L. Slifkin is an American film writer, critic and editor, known for his work with Movies Unlimited in Philadelphia, described as one of the "world's leading video retailers and publisher of the annual encyclopedic Movies Unlimited Video Catalog". Slifkin has taught film at Temple University and has contributed to the Los Angeles Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune, Empire, Entertainment Weekly and Delaware Valley Magazine as a film critic. Aside from contributing to Video Hound, Slifkin is also responsible for organizing Mondo Meyer, an event in Philadelphia celebrating the work of Russ Meyer. Slifkin is also the author of the books Groovy Movies: Far-Out Films of the Psychedelic Era (VisibleInk Press) and Filmadelphia: A Celebration of a City's Movies (Mid-Atlantic Press). He is also featured as an actor in the film Changing the Game (2012). Slifkin also co-produced and co-wrote the three-part documentary "Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time," released in 2020. ------ 9. Career of video editor As directorUdaya Kumar has directed his debut in the year 2019. His first directorial Karmoda Saridu received a mixed response from the audience and critics. He has also made several short films and also won many awards with regard to the same. As editorUdaya Kumar started his career as an editor. He worked under the state award winner Srikanth of Ugram & KGF fame. during his work with Srikanth he has worked in famous Kannada movies like, Ishtakamya, India_vs_England,Kaaki, Enendu hesaridali, Kaarmoda Saridu, Kirita, Vaasu pakka commercial. He has his own studio under the name of GStudio. ------ 10. Recognition of video editor She received a Writers Fellowship from the Writers Guild of America, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Video and a writing development grant from the Funding Exchange Women's Project Scriptwriting Development Fund. She is also a member of the Director's Guild of America since 1982. She was previously director of the Film program at Sarah Lawrence College. She was an associate professor of Media Arts and Writing in the School of Contemporary Arts art Ramapo College in New Jersey ------ 11. tienne Parent of video editor tienne Parent (May 2, 1802 in Beauport, Lower Canada December 22, 1874 in Ottawa) was a Canadian journalist and government official. He was editor of the newspaper Le Canadien and, as such, supported French Canadian journalism and writing. He was a close friend and supporter of Lord Gosford. For his eventual attacks on the government, he was briefly imprisoned, even though he did not actively join the Rebellion of 1837. After the union of Lower Canada and Upper Canada into the Province of Canada in 1841, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada for Saguenay. He resigned his seat a year later on appointment as Clerk of the Executive Council. ------ 12. Naysun Alae-Carew of video editor Naysun Alae-Carew is a Scottish film producer and editor. He is best known for the film, Anna and the Apocalypse which was nominated for the Best Feature Film accolade at the 2018 British Academy Scotland Awards. The film was based on the short film Zombie Musical which earned him the Beat Producer: Short Form accolade at the 2011 British Academy Scotland New Talent Awards. He is a company director of Blazing Griffin which makes independent film and video games including the remastered version of The Ship
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Knowledge About V&a Furniture
1. Terms of settlement of v&a furniture Justice Finkelstein was informed of the settlement terms by interested parties. He described these to the court, which specified that the respondents, Birtles, Goble and Shorrock, were not to use the band name, trade marks or logos of Little River Band as their name or part thereof. They would be able to refer to themselves as the original members of LRB "but always only in a descriptive way in promotional and advertising material. " He also declared his disappointment that the parties had not resolved their disputes without resorting to a court case. ------ 2. Aftermath of v&a furniture In Australia media reported on the case in June and the settlement in July 2002. The July 2002 settlement was repeatedly tested, including the blocking of a retrospective DVD, Little River Band: Its a Long Way There, created by Birtles, Shorrock and Goble in 2004 which used historical concert footage. Housden challenged the manner in which BSG described their link to LRB in promotional material and recordings. Little River Band's classic line-up of Birtles, David Briggs, Goble, Pellici, George McArdle and Shorrock were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on 17 October 2004. They performed "Help Is on the Way", one of the group's early songs, as "Classic Line-up of the Little River Band" or "Little River Band: Classic Line-up" during the ceremony, which was broadcast. Other former or current members were not included in Little River Band's inducton into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Further legal action ensued in Australia, with We Two Pty Ltd v Shorrock (No 2) (2005) presided by Justice Finkelstein, in early July 2005. Both claim and counterclaim were dismissed and judgement reserved pending the outcome of another case being heard at the United States District Court of Florida. In late July of that year BSG and Housden reached a settlement in both cases with BSG allowed to refer to their heritage as the singers, songwriters and former members of LRB. Birtles Shorrock Goble continued to perform and record until late September 2007. The BSG members have taken out their frustration with the legal situation through song: Goble's "Someone's Taken Our History" (September 2006), Birtles' "Revolving Door" (December 2012), and Shorrock's "Hear My Voice" (July 2016). As from October 2020 LRB continued to perform, largely in the US, and have released new material as well as re-recorded work written by the members of BSG and other early members. ------ 3. Supreme Court of v&a furniture Prior to certifying Jones' case, the Supreme Court had been considering the case of Mathena v. Malvo (Docket 18-217), a similar case out of Virginia involving Lee Boyd Malvo which raised the question if courts must determine if a juvenile is deemed incorrigible before passing a life sentence. Oral arguments had been held in October 2019, during which the Justices referred back to Montgomery; Justice Kavanaugh recognized that a ruling had to differentiate "someone who's merely immature as opposed to incorrigible". Due to a change in Virginia's state law, the case was rendered moot before the Court could deliver the opinion. Jones' case was certified by the Supreme Court in March 2020. Oral hearings were held on November 3, 2020. ------ 4. Issues involved in the case of v&a furniture The specific legal challenge in the case was based on whether Michigan's child support laws apply to men and women equally. If not, then it was argued by Dubay's attorney that they violate Equal Protection. Jeffrey Cojocar, Dubay's attorney, maintained that Michigan does not force women to make child support payments for children that they do not want to parent, and accordingly, men should not have to either. The argument made by the state of Michigan, as well as by the National Organization for Women and the Association for Children for Enforcement of Support, was that the needs of the child for support from both parents outweigh any of the circumstances surrounding the birth. The argument for why the case paralleled the Roe v. Wade ruling by the United States Supreme Court was that in Roe v. Wade, it was decided that women have the ability to decline parenthood in the event of an unintended pregnancy. This case was claimed to be about giving men that same reproductive choice, by offering the possibility of a "financial abortion". Additional issues involved in the case were whether a man should have responsibility placed on him when his decisions were based on misleading information provided by someone else about her ability or intentions to have a child, and whether states pursue men too aggressively for child support payments due to the financial incentives they have to avoid having to provide public assistance. ------ 5. Background of v&a furniture Little River Band (LRB), a pop rock music group, were formed in Melbourne in March 1975 by Beeb Birtles (born Gerard Bertelkamp), Graham Davidge, Graeham Goble, Dave Orams, Derek Pellicci and Glenn Shorrock. They were managed by Glenn Wheatley and Goble and Wheatley formed The Little River Band Pty Ltd, a holding company, in 1975. The group had commercial success in Australia and the United States. In January 1981 Stephen Housden joined the line-up of Birtles, Goble, Pellicci, Shorrock, Mal Logan and Wayne Nelson. Birtles left them in 1983 and Wheatley resigned as manager in 1987. In 1987 We Two Pty Ltd was established, as the holding company for Little River Band, by then-current members Goble, Housden, Nelson, Pellicci and Shorrock as directors in equal share. In 1988 Goble and Wheatley had transferred ownership of the band name, Little River Band, and associated trademarks, logos and assets from their holding company to the new one, We Two Pty Ltd. Goble left the band and the company in 1992 and was followed successively by Nelson and Shorrock in 1996, and Pellicci in 1998. Thereby Housden was the sole owner of We Two Pty Ltd. Thereafter new or returning members of LRB were contracted to his company. Birtles Shorrock Goble (BSG), another pop rock group, were formed in early 2002 by the former members of Little River Band. They were managed by Wheatley, who revived The Little River Band Pty Ltd, as their holding company with himself and the three members of BSG as directors. They intended to advertise themselves as birtLes shoRrock goBle (highlighting LRB) "The Original Little River Band" or "The Voices of Little River Band". After Housden learnt of the new group he gained a legal injunction for the trio to cease and desist in the use of the name, Little River Band, which led to the court case. ------ 6. Court case of v&a furniture Justice Raymond Finkelstein of the Federal Court of Australia presided over We Two Pty Ltd v Shorrock (2002) or more fully We Two Pty Ltd v Glenn Barrie Shorrock, Gerard Bertelkamp and Graehame Goble (2002) FCA 875. Written submission began on 17 June 2002. We Two Pty Ltd, the applicant, was represented by counsels M J Colbran QC and S Hinchey and by solicitor Deacons. Glenn Shorrock, Gerard Bertelkamp and Graeham Goble, the respondents were represented by counsel J Bleechmore and solicitor Ronald V Tait. Housden provided documentation to the court showing the assignment of the Little River Band trademarks to We Two, registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1989, and Birtles' transfer of ownership of the url "" to We Two in 2000. Housden also provided evidence of We Two's use of the trademark during the statutory period, hence The Little River Band Pty Ltd withdrew their crossclaim. On the second day of the case the cross-claimants sought a settlement with We Two Pty Ltd. Justice Finkelstein was then asked to rule on any costs owing by any of the parties. On 12 July 2002 he announced his findings and gave the reasons for his decision. He ruled that half the taxed costs of We Two Pty Ltd would be paid by the respondents, The Little River Band Pty Ltd. ------ 7. Dubay v. Wells of v&a furniture The Matt Dubay child support case was a legal case in 2006 between Matt Dubay and his ex-girlfriend Lauren Wells, both of Saginaw Township, Michigan. The case was dubbed "Roe v. Wade for Men" by the National Center for Men. The case concerned whether the Michigan Paternity Act violates the United States Constitution's Equal Protection Clause, in that the Act allegedly applies to men but not to women. . ------ 8. History of the case of v&a furniture In the fall of 2004, Dubay and Wells became involved in a romantic relationship. Dubay claimed in court documents that he informed Wells he had no interest in becoming a father. He also claimed in court documents that in response, she said she was infertile and that, as an extra layer of protection, she was using contraception. The parties' relationship later deteriorated. Shortly thereafter, Wells informed Dubay she was pregnant, allegedly with his child. She chose to carry the child to term and the child was born on an unspecified date in 2005. Dubay claimed in court documents that he consistently told Wells that he did not want to be a father, throughout the pregnancy, and after the birth of the child. ------ 9. We Two Pty Ltd v Shorrock of v&a furniture We Two Pty Ltd v Shorrock (2002) was presided by Justice Raymond Finkelstein of the Federal Court of Australia, Melbourne to determine the ownership of the name, Little River Band, its trademarks, logos and associated assets. We Two Pty Ltd, the applicant, was established in 1987 and had been solely owned by Stephen Housden of the music group, Little River Band since 1998. The respondents, Glenn Shorrock, Gerard Bertelkamp (p.k.a. Beeb Birtles) and Graeham Goble, were all founding members of the same group, in 1975. Housden had joined them in 1981. The case involved a counterclaim, The Little River Band Pty Ltd v We Two Pty Ltd, to remove the trademark due to lack of use and return it on the basis of prior ownership. The counter-claimant, The Little River Band Pty Ltd, was a holding company formed in 1975 by Goble and the group's then-talent manager Glenn Wheatley. Early in 2002 Birtles, Shorrock and Goble had formed a music trio, which performed variously as "The Original Little River Band" or "The Voices of Little River Band" and were managed by Wheatley. When Housden was informed he sought a legal injuction for the trio to cease and desist in the use of the name, Little River Band, which led to the court case. Housden provided documentation to the court showing the assignment of the Little River Band trademarks to We Two, and Birtles' transfer of ownership of the url "" to We Two in 2000. Housden also provided evidence of We Two's use of the trademark during the statutory period. On the second day of the case the cross-claimants The Little River Band Pty Ltd sought a settlement with We Two Pty Ltd. The terms of the settlement were provided to the judge. He was also asked to rule on any costs owing. Justice Finkelstein ruled that half the taxed costs of We Two Pty Ltd would be paid by the respondents. ------ 10. Legal action of v&a furniture On March 9, 2006, the National Center for Men challenged the child support order in District Court. Michigan's Attorney General made a motion to have the case dismissed, and on July 17, 2006, District Court Judge David M. Lawson agreed and dismissed Dubay's lawsuit. The National Center for Men appealed the case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on May 14, 2007. Oral arguments began September 10, 2007, and in November the appeals court affirmed the District court decision, noting precedent stating that "the Fourteenth Amendment does not deny to the State the power to treat different classes of persons in different ways." In its dismissal of the case, the U.S. Court of Appeals (Sixth Circuit) stated that: Dubay's claim that a man's right to disclaim fatherhood would be analogous to a woman's right to abortion rests upon a false analogy. In the case of a father seeking to opt out of fatherhood and thereby avoid child support obligations, the child is already in existence and the state therefore has an important interest in providing for his or her support.The National Center for Men asked Dubay to appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, but Dubay declined.
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What Are Some Great B2b Marketing Video Creation Tools?
Since youre looking to make B2B marketing videos youll need a tool that time efficient, easy to use and most importantly a tool that lets you do more across social media platforms. While there are a couple of options listed already, Im going to ahead and talk about the tool I use, just in case it fits your requirements better.I started out creating creative text videos for my brand and hence Typito seemed like great choice. While it specializes in motion graphic text videos it isnt limited to just that, theres a whole lot more to it.Heres why I find the tool compatible for B2B marketing video creation:Easy work-flow and Time efficientWorking in such a quick paced line, I couldnt afford to spare time with sophisticated software, here where online tools really helped me. Typitos one click motion graphic text templates are customizable to the extent that you can match it with your brand colours to make it look like it was created for your brand. This also lets you maintain uniformity of brand identity. Whether its stylized motion graphic titles, lower third, captions, and social media tags they have text templates for all. Since you mentioned B2B marketing videos, you might like the social media call-to-action templates; theyre great for B2B marketing videos. Heres how the text templates workSourced from - Typitos Library on GiphyBranding BusinessFor great B2B videos need branding is something else you might want to consider. Branding on videos is key to helping your video stand out. Their branded templates lets you blend images/logos and text that is decently customizable. Sourced from - Typitos Library on GiphyThe videos you export from Typito are all in HD so theres no question of video quality, and you can share it across Social media platforms directly from the tool after exporting.You can save templates you've created so if you want to reuse them for future projects itll show up under the saved tab, and save you the effort of recreating it for any series of videos you might want to use it for in the future.The tool offers a feature called Brand Kit which is great for working to ensure that the videos that are published are brand-compliant. This basically lets me upload a specific brand font and other language fonts making my videos accessible across other languages as well. In addition to this I can add colors that make up my brand's color palette. This can be saved so that it's easily for later videos. Team CollaborationTypito supports a workspace that allows you to add team members. You can even have designated roles for each member like owner, producer and editor which smoothens the work process.So these are some of the reasons why Typito stands out for me. I would recommend trying out a demo to see if it suits what youre looking for. They have reasonably priced plans under Plus, Business, Agency that have monthly and annual subscriptionsHope this suggestion was useful :) · Related Questions Could Britain possibly have defeated Germany during World War Two had the U.S. and Soviet Union both remained neutral? This is a much more difficult to answer than it might first appear. And those that base their response simply on what happened to the British Army in 1940 have not considered enough factors. The fact is that Germany was set for short war. Germany did not have the economic means to wage war for an extended period without getting them from elsewhere. This means invading other countries because they arent going to be shipped into Germany anytime soon through the British blockade. Hence the final gamble of invading the Soviet Union. Germany was critically short of particular materials required for their military, as well as, perhaps most importantly, enough oil. This means that you can quote as much wonder-weapons as you like, but they arent going to be as effective without certain strategic materials. Also, the bounty gained by defeating France, the Low Countries, Norway etc was soon exhausted and if anything they became an additional burden on the German economy. This is moreso if Italy becomes an ally. So as long as Germany cant defeat Britain - and countless Quora answers will explain why not - the German economy is going to fall apart eventually. And this is without the British strategic bombing campaign, which is going to accelerate the issue. Yes you can have the most powerful army in the world, but unless you can properly equip it and use it, its not as effective as it seems on paper. In Britains case this means also getting it across the English Channel, established on shore, and keeping it supplied (this last part being often forgotten). Germany was incapable of any of this, and to create the required conditions (bigger combat navy to fight the RN, bigger logistics navy to transport the forces and carry the massive amount of supplies, bigger airforce to achieve air superiority to do everything else), would be somewhere between impossible, and taking so much time that the economy would implode first. And dont forget the vast bulk of the German army is fairly immobile infantry divisions, lacking motor transport. This is in stark contrast to the fully motorised British Army - particularly in a war where mobility is vital.All this is the opposite with Britain. The longer the war goes on the stronger it gets. Britain has the German codes and intercepts, has the potential to build the A-bomb before Germany, and, perhaps most importantly, can draw upon the resources and manpower of the the commonwealth. Certainly the British Army is defeated in 1940 - but its relatively tiny and not really directly engaged. It also loses a few times after that. But it learns and improves and grows, and utilises technology and firepower to achieve parity with the German army - in the places it chooses to engage.So Britain defeating Germany is possible, because Britain has the time and resources to do it eventually. For Germany there is only a certain time available, and since it cant defeat Britain in that timescale, it must ultimately lose. It is also worth reading books such as James Hollands The War in the West that describe how poorly prepared and suited Germany was for an extended war, making those Quora questions about whether they could win the war after (whatever) date quite pointless ------ What was positive about the Crusades? Sometimes, you fight a battle in a foreign land, so that you dont have to fight one on your land. The Crusades took the battle of Islam to the middle east, but if they had not, the battle would have been before the gates of Vienna or Florence, and the Crusades gave Europe time to prepare for the Islamic invasion. So what was positive was that the crusades bought time for Christianity to be prepared for the cultural clash that came later. It was successful, and to date, Islam has been stopped and limited to the 40 or so countries found in the 1040 window (Latitudes 10 north and 40 south). The Crusades gave us time.Secondly, while we learned principles of warfare, modern money and banking originated during the Crusades. Money deposited with the Templers in one spot would be available in another, merely on presenting a marque. Like checking, its a concept born out of the Crusades, and we rely on it to this day. We also developed modern military tactics and it gave monarchs new power and trade routes. New foods, new materials, and even the concept of income taxes grew out of the Crusades. There were negatives. The First Crusade was the only crusade that was truly successful from a military viewpoint; lots of people died on both sides over 200 years, and disease became a battlefield of its own. True, we learned how to do surgery, and imported the concept of hospitals from Islam. It also set up a long-standing military opposition between Islam and Christianity that persists to this day, largely because of militants in both camps who wish to eliminate the threats posed by a rival ideology, rather than finding a modus vivendi. Most people forget that the Crusades were to protect the Christians and Christian sites in the Holy Land, and to halt the oppression of Islam from encroaching on Christian Europe. Faced with an implacable foe who relentlessly opposed and oppressed Christians, the Crusades sought to take the fight to their turf before they brought it to ours. Its a fair tactic: Put the pointy end of the spear, and the hardened shaft, into the heart of the opponents land rather than let him bring the fight to your land. Today, jihadis are taking their fight to Europe and America in the hopes of winning a cultural battle and taking control. They desire to subvert, oppress, and marginalize a culture that is arguably superior in almost every way, and to do it at the point of a gun or by terrorist means. The job of the Christian opposition is to marginalize such acts, and make them costly, and to show them as a failure. Its a long conflict, and because its still a salient issue, I suspect we will be battling between cultures for years to come, unless there is a final decisive war.If Islam is a superior civilization, it should be able to show it by advances in science. It should be able to show it by incredible economic success. It should be able to do it through acts of charity and humanity. It should be able to win the hearts and minds of people, not through acts of terror, but through acts of kindness and charity. Its challenge to do so speaks to me of the challenge facing Islam today, which is to grow as a civilization out of its roots in 7th Century Arabia and into a modern world.
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Why Has the Video of the Hong Kong Protester Being Shot Not Made Mainstream News?
Perhaps because some western news are somewhat biased and not keen to show evidence against Hong Kong protesters/rioters? The video youre referring to seems to show the circumstances of the shooting, described in the answers by Mr. Singer, Mr. Cawley and Mr. Mitchell to this question in a straightforward way.I have even seen messages from the protesters/rioters asking each other not to forward the said video clip. The messages are in Chinese and contain foul language so they are not fit to be published at a public forum.As the matter will likely be investigated lets suspend discussion until more is known. Mimi Chan's answer to Do you think the police is in the wrong over the recent shooting of a Hong Kong protestor?. · Suggested Reading What have you done when a waitress said your tip was not big enough? I told her exactly why the tip was low, in this case that there was a mistake on the bill, and that she had also failed to mention that there was an additional charge when she asked if I wanted my Coke refilled. She then claimed that she didnt make out the bill, and so wasnt responsible for the mistake, to which I replied that if she wanted better tips, she should review customer bills to ensure they are correct.On another occasion my waitress disappeared for a long period, then when she reappeared she stank of cigarette smoke, so I left her a note suggesting she should do her smoking at home and use a nicotine patch or gum while at work, if she wanted better tips. ------ I have fallen in love with a girl, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do? Thanks for the A2A. It looks like you have received some good advice and have wisely decided to leave her alone. When a girl brings up the fact that she has a boyfriend out to the blue or when you ask her out, she is trying to tell you that she isn't interested in you and is taken, the delete from FB is also indicating she doesn't want to talk to you. It's possible she felt uncomfortable when you continued to ask her out or chat with her on FB, or it could just be that she wants to give you a very clear message. Either way, you have no choice but to leave her alone and go about your life, you will certainly meet other women and eventually you will probably find someone who is as interested in you as you are in her ------ What are some of the best bands that feature two lead singers? There are lots of great bands that feature two singers who work as a duo. They often sing close or tight harmony, like the Everly Brothers or the Bee Gees. The Beatles had two of the greatest rock singers of all time in the same band and they used their duo talents generously and brilliantly over the years. They were possibly the greatest rock harmony group. However, I have another favorite I want to mention. I always enjoyed the vocal approach of The Jefferson Airplane when Marty Balin and Grace Slick shared lead vocals. Their voices were distinct, and they didnt really harmonize as much as they interwove their vocals, alternating, singing over each other, and sharing the vocal space as equals. It created a great effect and was completely original. I thought it was great. YMMV ------ Can pit bulls be trusted around kids? It depends on the dog. Just like people have different personalities and qualities so do dogs. It also depends on their training, socialization, etc.I have two pit bulls. One of them is the sweetest, snuggliest, gentlest dog ever. The other one not soo much. Hes obedient and loyal, but a bit averse to new situations and people. Now, they both had the same training and loving environment but they are just different. The first one I would trust with children, hands down. The second one, no. Hes not mean or aggressive however children are loud, jumpy, and unpredictable. Which would make him unpredictable. And that is not a risk Id be willing to take.But I dont think this a pit problem. It is a dog problem ------ Is it better to live in a big powerhouse country or a small neutral country? Small neutral countries spend their tax money on the citizens rather than on a big military and the militaryu2019s suppliers. They also donu2019t get into diplomatic shouting matches and one-upmanship that make their citizens unwelcome, or even targets, when they go overseas. Nobody targets the Swiss or the Swedes when they travel. If youu2019re the kind of person who is comforted by knowing that your country has a big military, youu2019ll prefer the powerhouse. If youu2019re the kind of person who prefers that their country stay out of stupid wars and unnecessary conflict, youu2019ll prefer the small neutral country.Best of all is when a powerhouse is led by someone who doesnu2019t use its power to bully other countries, but concentrates purely on self-defense. ------ What is a virtue that is missing in today's world? One virtue that literally has disappeared from current society is an ancient Greek virtue known as sophrosyne.Sophrosyne is basically a mashup of temperance, modesty and contentment with what one has. It was a highly regarded trait in ancient Greece, something all should strive for. I guess it's kind of similar to self-actualization. What I find interesting is the clash between sophrosyne's belief that one should find satisfaction in one's best-fit place in society, and current society's more competitive ideals of striving for the most esteemed positions. Honestly I think a reintroduction of sophrosyne could resolve a lot of the angst that comes from the pressure to attain top-notch jobs.Here's a link discussing the virtue: had a dialogue written up discussing what defines sophrosyne: ------ If the voltage is already correct for the LED, why does there have to be a resistor in series with the LED? Think from the perspective of slowly increasing the voltage from zero.The LED will not conduct until the Forward Barrier Voltage is exceeded (lets say 2.0 volts).As the voltage increases there is effectively, resistance of the LED, since this effective resistance is very large there is no current (I E/R). Once the Forward Barrier Voltage is exceeded, the resistance effectively drops to zero or very close to zero once this happens the amount of current flowing in the LED is very large (I E/ R), The amount fo current flowing, will very quickly (instantly) burn out the LED.Therefore, the resistor in series with the LED is there to provide CURRENT LIMITING, as most resistors in Series with a device. The resistor LIMITS the amount fo current to a safe value for the device. ------ Why don't bikes have a gear indicator? I've ridden bikes with and without this facility, and I don't ever remember making one shift because of seeing what was indicated. One rides by feel. If I feel I could shift up and lower the engine revolutions, I shift up. If I feel I need more power for acceleration or use the engine for slowing down, I shift down. It's as simple as that. I could say this of the tachometer too in most cases. There's enough of a tactile and audible "scream" from the engine to know when it's revving too high.That said, there are many bikes that do have gear indicators!Some unique ones too, built in, like on the Suzuki Zeus and Slingshot:Page on motorbeam. comYou can also install an aftermarket device for this:Motorcycle Universal Gear Indicator ------ What is Donald Trumpu2019s responsibility in what has led to the chaos and destruction due to the protests for George Floyd? In order to hate, one must objectify your opponents. He has done this at every opportunity, reducing American citizens to labels in stead of offering constructive criticism. He believes the best way to lead is to make those under him try to kill each other. Hes fired his own staff left and right and encouraged competition at every level. This is the example he hopes to lead America in, and theyre following.Through incompetence or intent, he has led the nation directly to this point. In other answers about the election in November, I previously said that there would be no elections because he would declare war on one of the countries we were already at war with. Now that we have civil unrest, its more likely he will declare the ineptly-defined antifa as The Real Enemy and declare martial law because of that ------ Could Britain possibly have defeated Germany during World War Two had the U.S. and Soviet Union both remained neutral? If the US remained neutral, that would mean Japan never bombed Pearl Harbour. It would still mean Britain won battle of Britain, as the US had nothing to do with it. However, the Normandy landings wouldve been different. Probably only British and Canadian soldiers would fight in it (since Canada was part of the British empire).For Russia to go neutral is impossible. Hitler hated Stalin and Stalin hated Hitler. There would be no peace between the two, since Germany really wanted to invade Russia. Since Germany was known for invading neutral countries, at the time, Russia would never remain neutral.The US remaining neutral would also mean no nukes on Japan. Russia would possibly deal with them to surrender, if Britain doesn't bomb the hell out of their cities. ------ Is an LED power supply safe? LED lamps dont require a whole lot of voltage (viz battery powered LED flashlights), but most people want to power LED lamps from house ac outlets which run at 115vac in the USA, higher elsewhere. Cheap power supply devices for that have scant framework and grounding conventions, so when working with them ALWAYS have an ac voltmeter handy to check the voltage between the framework (that you would handle) and a REAL ground. Water pipes, the framework of existing light fixtures, or in a pinch, the third contact in most ac receptacles are handy items for that. If said voltage is more than 3 volts ac, attach an external ground wire to that frame. If you dont know how to do that, get someone with electrical knowledge to do that for you, or dont be fiddling with receptacle powered circuitry that you dont understand ------ Did steam trains ever explode? Yes if the boiler overheated and ran out of water. It was quite catastrophic.The last such incident in Germany happened in Bitterfeld in 1977.The 01 15162 before the accident . a powerful express steam locomotive, the pride of the late steam age. And after. Everything above the wheels went to pieces.9 dead, 45 injured. The locomotive was out of water. It is assumed that a miscommunication between the driver and fireman caused the accident. The locomotive had to be refilled with coal and water quickly because the train was delayed. Somehow they seem to have forgotten to take water.As a safety precaution, a fusible plug was installed; this should extinguish the fire with the remaining water in case of overheating. But it didnt work even though the locomotive was relatively fresh out of a revision. ------ What is the UK government's Brexit policy? Brexit is BrexitA Red, White and Blue BrexitTo have our cake and eat it.Apart from that, we do not know and it looks very much as though they do not know either. We do know what they want, which is membership of the Single Market without free movement of people, and they have been told many times that they arent going to get it because it is a contradiction in terms. It is also clear that the three Brexiteers, Johnson, Fox and Davis, dont agree between themselves. Johnson is a fraud who knows perfectly well we are better off Remaining, Davis is an idiot and Fox is a crook. May is also hoping against hope that the cake-and-eat-it option, Single Market with free movement of everything except people, is achievable.
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Montreal's Grande Bibliothque Grapples with Bedbug ...
Quebec's Grande Bibliothqueon De MaisonneuveBoulevardin Montreal is dealing with a bedbug problem, forced totaketemporary measures to protect visitors from taking home any uninvited guests.Staff at theBibliothque et Archives nationales du Qubec(BAnQ), as it's officially called,removed fabric lounge chairs and replaced them with plastic seats Tuesday morning.Montreal freezing bed bugs as pest continues to thriveThey also closed certain areas of the building as they deal with the flat brown bugs thatare notoriously easy to spread and notoriously hard to get rid of.The library's director,DanielleChagnon,told CBCNewsit's a tough problem to keep on top of."We do receive about 7,000 to 8,000 people per day so, of course, you have people carrying things in their bagsand maybe on their clothes."Chagnon says it's normal for library staffto find the occasional bedbug in a book or DVD, but this time they discovered an unusually high number in the upholstered chairs where people sit and unwind.Library users say that while the thought of the little pests crawling around the stacks is unpleasant, it won't keep them away."I'm not worried about it.[I] close my bags and just don't leave things lying on the floor," saidJean-PaulCormier.The BAnQ saysit's working with exterminators to eliminate the bedbug infestation, but library users may want to double-check their documents and garments before taking them home.West Island family invents bed bug mattress trap
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Introduction to 360 Video
1. Promotion of 360 video Lead trackOn February 3, 2020, a music video teaser for the lead track "Infinity" was released, followed by a short version and making video two days later. The song was also aired for the first time on J-Wave's Step One. On February 16, the full music video was released. Sho Yonashiro commented: "Protostar implies our wish that we, who were ordinary people, gather and become stars. And "Infinity" is a song that embodies the infinite possibilities and infinite growth of JO1." To further promote the EP, an animated music video for "Running" and a short performance video of "La Pa Pa Pam" were also released. "Infinity" is used as the theme song for the TV commercial of ABC-Mart x Nike's project titled Nike One. The song was also used as an ending song for TV Asahi's show Sonna Koto Kangaetakoto Nakatta Quiz! Torinikku-tte Nanno Niku!? and a Kansai TV's variety show Chihara Junior no Zao. Upon its release, "Infinity" lead other songs from the EP on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 by ranking first on that week. Live performancesOn March 24, 2020, JO1 had their first live performance ever on a TV program by performing "Infinity" on NTV's morning show Sukkiri. The group delivered a special "home performance" of "La Pa Pa Pam" on Mezamashi Uchi Festival, a special episode of Fuji TV's Mezamashi TV due to the COVID-19 pandemic on May 4. The performance featured combined images of the members performing at their home and doing various activities at home. Subsequently, the group performed remotely on various TV shows, such as Love Music and NHK's Shibuya Note. JO1 performed songs from the EP in KCON:TACT 2020 Summer, making them the first Japanese boy group to ever participate in the convention. ------ 2. Career of 360 video Once he graduated, he found employment doing tenor roles in an opera company that made its performances at the Teatro Tacn. He toured in Puerto Rico by 1840, then returned to Cuba, where he lived. Later he joined the opera company of Stefano Busatti, that finally led him to Puerto Rico in 1860. When the company disappeared he moved to Mayagez. In Mayagez he founded a new company of comedies: Compaa Dramtica Astol (The Astol Drama Company). Flix Astol, was author of several pieces of popular music, but his most famous work was the dance Bellsima triguea (Georgeus brunette), composed in 1867. Conceived as a love song, it has had several versions throughout Latin America. In Cuba had the title of Mi amor (My love). In Brazil it was named Encantadora infancia (Lovely childhood). In Peru has two versions, one of them is named Bellsima peruana (Georgeus Peruvian). In Haiti is danced and in Venezuela is well known too. But the most popular version is "La Borinquea", adopted as the official anthem of Puerto Rico. The revolutionary lyrics written by Lola Rodguez de Ti a year after the composition of the danza, became the popular anthem. It was a time of great turbulence in Puerto Rico, as a nationalist revolution against Spain was sweeping across the political landscape. The lyrics were in keeping with that spirit. However, the lyrics known and sung today are attributed to Manuel Fernndez Juncos per the request of the new Commonwealth, as Lola's were yet again deemed too revolutionary. He died in Mayagez on January 21, 1901. ------ 3. El Rey del Valle of 360 video El Rey del Valle is a drama television series created by Juan Camilo Ferrand, and produced by Sony Pictures Television and Claro Video, that premiered on Claro Video on 23 August 2018. The series will stars Osvaldo Benavides, Daniel Tovar, and Paulina Gaitn. Principal photography began on 24 January 2018, and the series will consist of two seasons each of thirteen episodes. ------ 4. Flix Astol Arts of 360 video Flix Astol i Arts (October 9, 1813 January 21, 1901) was a Spanish musician and composer from Catalonia best known for being the co-composer of "La Borinquea", the National Anthem of Puerto Rico. ------ 5. Protostar (JO1 EP) of 360 video Protostar (stylized as PROTOSTAR) is an extended play (EP) marketed as the debut single of Japanese boy group JO1, formed through the reality competition show Produce 101 Japan. Consisting of songs previously performed on the last episode of the show and three new songs, the EP was released by Lapone Entertainment into three different editions on March 4, 2020. Upon its release, the EP earned the top spot on Oricon Singles Chart and received a Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. The lead track "Infinity" also peaked atop the Billboard Japan Hot 100. ------ 6. Bibliography of 360 video Flix Astol Borinquen (La Borinquea), danza, y aguinaldos populares del folklore de Puerto Rico. Para piano y canto en Espanol Ingls, con acordes para la guitarra New York: Spanish Music Center, 1971 (OCLC 11156873) Francisco Zamora, Isabel Escab Autgrafo: seres ordinarios con vidas extraordinarias. Gua del maestro San Juan: People Television, 1997 Autgrafo : seres ordinarios con vidas extraordinarias. Volumen XIII: La Borinquea Vdeo San Juan: People Television, Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mndez, 1997 Monserrate Deliz El himno de Puerto Rico; estudio crtico de "La Borinquea" Madrid: GIDA, 1957 ------ 7. Cast of 360 video Osvaldo Benavides as Luis Miguel del Valle Daniel Tovar as Jos dgar "Joed" Contreras Biassini Segura as Wilmer Camacho Paulina Gaitn as Margarita Guzmn Eduardo Victoria as Alejandro del Valle Laura Perico as Anabel del Valle Matas Moreno as Vitorn del Valle Hctor Holten as Emiliano Guzmn Lauren Emilia Ceballos as Xochitl Samadhi Zendejas as Chayo ------ 8. Background and release of 360 video Shortly after the end of Produce 101 Japan, JO1 was revealed to fly to South Korea for the preparation and the production of their debut. On January 14, it was revealed that the group's debut EP single was titled Protostar and would be released on March 4 with "Infinity" as the lead track. A concept trailer was released on January 28, 2020. "Protostar" consists of songs previously performed on the last episode of the show and three new songs that were released into three different editions. The first edition is a CD and DVD bundle limited edition that includes a making video for "Infinity" and a talk segment with members. The second edition is a CD and photo booklet bundle limited edition. The third edition is a normal edition that includes the new songs: "Infinity", "Running", and "La Pa Pa Pam". To commemorate the EP's release and the group's debut, a special live streaming event was held on the group's official Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel. ------ 9. Ragga Ragga of 360 video "Ragga Ragga" is a song by Malawian-born artist and record producer Gemini Major. It was released on June 10, 2016 for free digital downloads and on June 24, 2016 on iTunes by Family Tree Records. The song, produced by Gemini Major, features Riky Rick, Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai and Major League DJz. . ------ 10. Commercial performance of 360 video Shortly after its release, "Protostar" peaked at number one on iTunes's real-time album charts in five regions in addition to Japan, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. The EP debuted at number one on Oricon's Daily Singles Chart with an estimate of 215,409 copies sold. It remained at the top spot for seven consecutive days and ranked number one on Weekly Singles Chart with 327,187 sold. Subsequently, it ranked third on the Monthly Singles Chart. The single also topped Billboard Japan's Top Single Sales. According to SoundScan Japan, the single ranked seventh on their singles chart for the first quarter of 2020. It later received a Platinum certification by the RIAJ for surpassing 250,000 copies sold. The single's continuous commercial success made JO1 included in various mid-year rankings. The group ranked eighteenth on Billboard Japan's 2020 Mid-Year Top Artists, a chart that combines points from Japan Hot 100 and Japan Hot Albums for the first half of 2020, and ranked eighth on the 2020 Mid-Year Top Singles Sales. They also ranked sixth on Oricon's Mid-Year Singles Sales and tenth on Total Singles Sales. The group also ranked second on New Artist Total Sales ranking by earning an estimate of 640 million yen from one single alone. SoundScan Japan later reported the single has sold 387,000 copies and earned the ninth place on their singles chart for the first half of 2020. ------ 11. Early life of 360 video Arts was born in Reus, in Catalonia, region of Spain on October 9, 1813, but he moved to Cuba in 1828 to evading military service. Forced to enlist, he joined the band of one of the battalions based in Havana
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Having Comfy Chairs in Church Is More Important Than ...
C hurch of England Christians will be used to spending uncomfortable hours listening to sermons on traditional Victorian pews. But that experience may soon be a thing of the past as a Church of England court ruled that plans to replace them withcomfortable seating would encourage more people to attend. Allowing one vicar to replace pews with modern upholstered chairs , Chancellor for the Diocese of Rochester John Gallagher said there was "no theological basis" for the retention of pews and overruled the objections of conservationists. Management at St Margaret's Church in Rainham applied to install the stainless steel chairs which will be upholstered with blue fabric, a plan which they say is popular among their congregation. V icar the Revd Judy Henning, alongside wardens Janet Garnons-Williams and Desiree Willis, said parishioners strongly favoured them over heavier wooden chairs as they would be 70 per cent cheaper, easier to move and stack and provide "relief from the timber interior". The plans, which are part of a 63,833 overhaul of the church, were opposed by the Victorian Society, which said the chairs would not be in keeping with the character of the building. The building is Grade One listed and parts of it date back to the 14th century. In a letter to the court Sophia Laird, of the Society, said it wished to "register strong objection to the proposed chairs which will cause gratuitous harm to this listed building. "They make no attempt to blend in with the existing joinery or character of the building. "The incongruous and inappropriate design and colour of these chairs will cause harm to the character of the church." T he church argued that many churches and cathedrals had introduced similar chairs, and said the blue colouring would "add some colour and brightness" to the area and match carpets and kneelers. Mr Gallagher ruled that the "need and desirability" of comfortable chairs outweighed any argument against having them. He also criticised the Society for failing to visit the church or contact its management before lodging its objection. "Had the Victorian Society been able to visit the church and see for themselves, first hand, the layout and what had been done elsewhere in the church, and been able to engage with the petitioners on what was proposed and needed, much time and expense might have been avoided," he said. He added that this failure to contact the church's management meant the charity had been unaware that the chairs would be removed and stacked when not in use, reducing their impact on how the interior looked. Mrs Garnons-Williams said the plans, which will remove pews in three areas of the church, would also allow it to hold social events such as coffee mornings and concerts more easily. "When our church was built it was the centre of the community and we're really keen that it should be that again," she said. A spokesman for the society said they were "disappointed" with the decision and added "We only have the resources to visit a fraction of the churches we're involved with, and this wasn't a particularly important case for us." P riests have to apply to the local church court for permission to make changes which affect the look of a church. The Victorian Society frequently challenges church plans to remove or change interiors. It is campaigning against Bath Abbey's decision to remove some of its Victorian pews to make way for underfloor heating. Telegraph Media Group Limited 2019 Need help? Visit our adblocking instructions page.
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How to Decorate a Traditional Living Room with Hardwood Flooring
A traditional living room should have all of the traditional elements including hardwood flooring. In colonial and Victorian times, houses of note were built with highly polished hardwood floors covered with fine carpets to add design, warmth and insulation. If you are designing a traditional living room in the fashion of colonial or Victorian times, be sure you begin with the right foundation - only then can you design a truly exceptional room. Arrange Floor Coverings Refinish and treat your hardwood flooring so that is shines with warmth and beauty. Then, select a large rug to cover the middle of the room. The rug may be oriental or have another pattern comprised of small elements. Avoid solid colors or contemporary designs as these are indications of casual or modern rooms. Prepare Wall and Window Treatments In a traditional living room of the past, wall treatments consisted of wallpaper, wainscoting, picture molding, and paint in almost any combination. You might hang a chair rail molding over wainscoting. Paint both the wainscoting and molding white. Hang wallpaper with a floral, hunting, or small stripe pattern above the wainscoting to finish the look. Another option for a more formal room would be to install the same chair rail molding and wainscoting, but create large picture frame moldings above the wainscoting and fill in the top with a green or blue paint. Pictures in gilded frames of still-life, portraits or country scenes could be hung centered inside the picture frame molding. Windows in your traditional living room should be treated with wooden blinds or shutters. You should then hang full draperies complete with a liner and heavy panels at each window. The colors can be light, and the panels should be pulled back to let in the light, but might have a sash or draw to close the draperies should you prefer a bit of dark in the room. Select and Arrange Furniture Once the floor and walls have been arranged, it is time to assemble your furniture . Traditional living rooms are almost fussy in their detail regarding furnishing. A sofa or settee should be placed on the rug and flanked by another sofa or two upholstered chairs. Furnishings should be small and upholstered with floral or striped prints which coordinate with the rug and drapes. Traditional living rooms had more than one seating area, so create another area for conversation in a corner or by the fireplace with two arm chairs or straight-back chairs facing each other over a small table. Bring in ottomans, footstools and stacking tables. You should have a wooden or brass and marble coffee table along with a large wall piece such as an armoire or curio cabinet. As you arrange your furnishing, be sure to leave walkways along major traffic areas. Add Decorative Touches Finally add curios, lamps, mirrors and pictures with gilded frames and other decorative touches to complement your hardwood flooring . Candlesticks, chests, and collectibles all can find a home in a traditional living room. In fact, these rooms were often a showplace of any manner of items, so feel free to feature your treasures and keepsakes on the mantle or in the curio cabinet.
2021 06 08
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Staying at the Grand Mercure Wellington
Location: The Grand Mercure Wellington holds court over a panoramic view of the city, with Mt Victoria at centre-stage. What was once the original (circa 1983) Terrace Regency Hotel, popular with visiting dignitaries and politicians, is now a striking, contemporary black Grand Mercure Wellington, which reopened at the beginning of last year after a $12 million makeover. Check-in experience: Attentive, informative about the hotel's facilities, and warmly welcoming. We were told we'd been upgraded to an executive suite on the eighth floor, where beautiful views were assured. Room: Quiet and luxurious in rich and rather regal tones. There's a Bose sound-system, a large Smart TV, and a view to Mt Victoria and, just a short walk away, the artistic and food-loving end of the city the Cuba St Quarter. The harbour is also part of your view. Bathroom: Behind a frosted glass sliding door, it's not exactly sound-proof for middle-of-the-night nature calls, but it's rather luxurious and comes with all the little extras from the Amiki manuka honey lotions and potions, exclusive to New Zealand's Grand Mercure hotels, to the white robes, slippers and plenty-powerful shower with a rain-shower option. The basin and bench are devoid of a soap dish, so I seriously challenged my OCD senses and popped the wet soap on the marble benchtop. Food and drink: The front entrance opens into the foyer and reception, but we felt drawn to the left, where an elegant lounge with beautifully-upholstered chairs and a long, glass-fronted gas fire beckons. Here, we sat and chatted and read the complimentary newspapers and ordered a glass of bubbles from the Forage Kitchen and Bar. At the other end of the building, this offers evening diners a magnificent, twinkling-lights view over the city and, by day, a realisation of just how lofty the hotel's perch is on The Terrace hill. One night, we walked to our favourite restaurant, The Boulcott Street Bistro ( This end of the city has many cafes, bars and restaurants. Our plan to dine in the hotel's Forage Bar and Grill on our second night was thwarted by my feeling unwell so we ordered room service. Despite a fully-booked restaurant that night, our in-room meals arrived promptly, piping hot and beautifully plated.What's in the neighbourhood? An elevator takes you down to the ocean-side, carpark entrance and a fairly steep walk down to the Te Aro shops, cafes and restaurants. This is where you'll find New Zealand clothing designers outnumbering the chain stores, and Loretta, our favourite breakfast or lunch cafe, where they print off the menu every morning so it includes the day's weather forecast, and all the crockery is hand-turned by Carterton potter Paul Melser ( Exercise: The hotel's gymnasium offers running and cycling equipment, perfect for notoriously windy or rainy Wellington days. But, when the sun's shining, Oriental Parade is just down the hill and, with its colourful and culturally-diverse Sunday farmers' market, a variety of cafes, bicycle hire businesses, and easy access to the meandering and mighty-steep streets on the edge of Mt Victoria, it's unbeatable for walks and running. We walked up the mountain, along its dirt trails among the trees, from where we could look back at the capital. Curving around the harbour, busy with yachts and rowers, and backed by densely-planted hills, I was reminded: Wellington really is a stunning, beautiful city.
2021 06 08
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Select the Best Banquet Chairs to Make Your Guests Comfortable
Hospitality industry is all about providing maximum comfort to the guests. Whether you manage a restaurant, own a hotel, are into catering business or organize events, you will always have to pick up the best banquet furniture to accommodate the guests. . Chairs are of course the most important part of your furniture list as relaxed seating is the first thing the visitors want. As a die-hard organizer, you shall never hesitate from investing in a great set of chairs. After all, it is all about pleasing your customers to keep them coming back to you. So how will you select the seating? Below is a small discussion about the top factors to be considered: Fixed or Movable? This actually depends on your settings. Fixed seats are ideal for restaurants or hotels but they wont suit the event organizers or catering professionals. Fixed seats are usually constructed with a wooden frame, stuffed with foam and covered with leather or fabric. The movable seats come in many forms and can be selected as per your preferences. Utmost Comfort Comfort is undoubtedly the most basic factor to be considered while choosing any seating. For most events and spots, it is better to go for the padded chairs. If the guests get to sit calmly only then can they enjoy the food, show, event, decoration, music or anything else Flexibility Foldable and lightweight seats are the most apt option for the caterers providing event to event services. In case of fixed seats, look for easy to maintain covers like the ones made of Vinyl. Such materials are stain-resistant and yet very comfy. Style & Appearance Some people value style and appearance above all while buying furniture. However, considering the above factors first is a smarter way to go. Coming to style, you have endless options and must choose something that apprehends your theme. Opt for contemporary styles with attractive finish. Both the wooden and metallic banquet chairs come in numerous different designs. All set to make arrangements for the upcoming party? If you need any fresh ideas , you can always consult the Internet. The modern web-malls are also great for buying the banquet furniture India at concessional prices. Shop around to find out the greatest deals!
2021 06 08
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