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2021-06-22 12:37:59
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On this page, you can find quality content focused on video. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to video for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on video, please feel free to contact us.

FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD has a series of deliberate production plans for video. From raw material and spare parts to assembling and packaging, we strictly enforce the production schedule and technological process so as to ensure reasonable resource allocation and optimized production process.FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD is always proud of video for being highly appraised by many international brands we have cooperated. Since its launch, the product has been viewed as the industry example with its exquisite workmanship and long-term stability. It is also the spotlight in the exhibitions. As dynamic adjustment is conducted, the product is ready to suit the latest demands and has more potential prospects.We will continually gather feedback through SANDUN Furniture and through countless industry events that help determine the types of features needed. The active involvement of customers guarantees our new generation of video and sucklike products and improvements match the exact market needs.
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Smugglers and undocumented immigrants attempting to sneak pastBorder Patrol agents en route to the United States will soon have to outwit a new surveillance tool that can scan open terrain for miles.The Border Patrol on Wednesday unveiled a new mobile video surveillance system along the U.S.-Mexico border in California that can look into the mountains with infrared scopes in the day and at night."It's game-changer for them,"John Moulton, chief technology officer, surveillance, at supplierBenchmark Enterprises, of Angleton, Texas, told Fox 5 San Diego. "One agent who goes on patrol can multiply his vision many many miles."The camera systems are carried onFord F-150 pickup trucks outfitted with surveillance towers. Five of the vehicles will be used by border agents along San Diego's southern border beginning Friday.The Border Patrol said it has arrested about 12,000 people attempting to cross into the U.S. illegally this year. The new monitoring system is expected to increase that number."We're averaging 160 arrests per day in the San Diego sector,Michael Scappechio, a Border Patrol supervisor, told Fox 5, adding that with "the looming threat of the migrant caravan in Tijuana (Mexico) and more people potentially on the way, we need to make sure we're prepared for that."President Trump has repeatedly called for the construction of a border wall to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. -- though he dropped that demand in order to avoid a shutdown of the federal government in a last-minute stopgap spending bill Wednesday.Meanwhile, a disabled U.S. Air Force veteranhas started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the proposed wall. As of Wednesday, the page raised more than $2 million toward a $1 billion goal.
Capital Metro Chooses Luminator Technology Group for New ...
Luminator Technology Group (LTG) announces today its selection by Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) to install new passenger information displays throughout the Austin metropolitan area. The digital displays will deliver real-time updates to passengers including rider alerts, next bus arrival, route information and maps. The signs will be installed beginning Fall 2019.The Dynamic Passenger Information display and software suite enable all signs in the system to be monitored, managed and updated from a central location. The E-Paper technology provides an easy-to-read front lit design with no light pollution and also meets ADA visual and audio requirements.Capital Metro sought a solution that could work with and integrate into its own transportation network. LTG's offering will deliver information and monitoring of its display systems' battery levels, network connections, and real-time diagnostics. "We understand Capital Metro's desire to provide timely and accurate information to its passengers," said Werner Malcherek, chief technology officer, LTG. "We are proud to partner with such a progressive and technologically innovative city, to deploy smart digital signage that will enhance rider information and allow Capital Metro to easily and efficiently manage the system." LTG's Dynamic Passenger Information display technology is designed and manufactured to withstand the unique demands of the transit environment. The low power cellular data modem and Ethernet connection enable for more efficient communication, allowing for streamlined content updates and system health monitoring. These displays also include the option to use solar power, reducing costs and energy consumption and the ability to provide passenger information in remote locations where power is not available. An existing customer of LTG, Capital Metro has also deployed bus destination sign technology and video surveillance and security technology provided by LTG's Apollo Video Technology. About Luminator Technology GroupLuminator Technology Group (LTG), is a leading manufacturer of passenger communication systems, video surveillance, and lighting solutions for global mass transportation applications. The company, founded in 1928, leverages its extensive engineering resources to develop solutions that increase intelligence, safety and efficiency for bus, rail and aerospace operations worldwide.For more information about Luminator Technology Group please visit
Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Video
Do you want to know about video? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Video Card Questions?They were telling you the truth. Laptops run mainly off of on-board video which is a chip IN the motherboard, a video chip. So you are stuck with what you have and there is no way to upgrade it2. what david archuleta thing could i get my friend? (not the cd)?Tough without online purchases. You could download large photos of David, put them on a disk and take them to a Rite-Aid or other drugstore that lets you input your own photos from a disk to a machine, and make her a 4x6 print of each. (I did that to make myself some pictures). You could get her a scarf like David or the girl wear in the A Little Too Not Over You video. Or any piece of clothing that is like something David wears.3. What are fun things to do with your best friend?Make your own music video and make up dance moves or do a dance interpretation. You guys can also sing a duet together and capture it on video. Make up a song. Make a scrap book. Go to the skating rink, go play at the park or watch movies at each other's house alternatingly. Whoever is coming over the house has to provide popcorn.Little things like that are fun and memorable at the same time4. Where is this video from?It's from an old episode of M!Countdown. Around SHINees debut based on their styles. If I am not mistaken.. it seems as if they are doing a 'skit' in order to introduce the/some of the guests who will be performing that week. I can not give you the exact air date, sorry, but it's definitely M!Countdown. (:5. How can I control mind-rape ?Do not watch those movies. Or watch "making of" video, where they show the dude who pull the doll's strings, or how they did the makeup and effects for the ring girl (I think they filmed her was walking backwards, and then reversed it)6. Rat owners, any funny rat stories?I have a fancy female hooded rat named Pooky. She is a doll, so loving and adorable. She was running free one day on the couch and my Dooney and Bourke purse (of course it was, could not have been a cheap one) was there also. I went to the kitchen and when i returned she was gone. Where to? My purse. I got her on video of taking everything out. She is a strong little thing. I mean she took out my wallet,keys, pens, everything. Then i say that she cut off my key holder that is attached to my purse and she decided to keep it. She jumped off the couch and rat to her cage, crawled up the bars and took it in her house. Every time I would try and get it back she would hang on her dear life. Finally I gave up and let her have it7. Problems adding video to video timeline in Windows Movie Maker?happens to me each and all the time! shop the action photograph In "shop as" then delete some sections in ur action photograph to make It shorter the save the action photograph record. Then, open up the a number of stored record And shrink it the. shop it. Then placed them on an identical time upload ur music and shop it!.8. FFmpeg Upscaling VideoAs you said your original video is raw, means its not compressed, when upscaled manually using your player, its still uncompressed but interpolated. means its still at highest quality. But -crf 24 is high compression, if you want your video look like the upscaled raw one, you can try -crf 19 or lower.9. Why is the video blinking?It's may be problem with your video card. Try booting in Recovery mode10. When are External Microphones and Flash Units Needed?I like having the flexibility to use something if needed. Mic connectivity first. There is no single "best mic" that will meet all your needs. Lets say you are doing a music video, recording the band. Under certain conditions, the audio you use is pre-recorded and the band is playing along "lip-synching". The camcorder's internal mics are good enough - and the audio recorded during that video capture will be muted after synch with the external pre-recorded audio. If you are capturing a video of a dramatic event that has the camcorder on one side of a street and the subject is speaking across the street and you want their audio - and you also want traffic passing through the video frame... The camcorder mics will be too far away to hear the dialog and it is likely the traffic noise will drown that, too. A wireless lavaliere would be ideal. If you are capturing dialog with someone who has nowhere to hide a clip-on mic and the camcorder is about 10 feet away form the subject... a shotgun mic (possibly at the end of a boom) would provide superior audio capture than the camcorder's built-in mics. There are lots of other scenarios where an external mic makes sense. If, however, you decide to get a camcorder without a mic jack, you can still do all these things using an Audio Field Recorder (like those from Zoom, Edirol, Tascam, Fostex, M-Audio and many others). When you import the video from the camcorder for editing on a computer, import the audio from the field recorder, use the audio captured by the camcorder to synch, then mute the audio from the camcorder. Many of these field recorders have internal mics and can attach external mics, too. The advantage to using an audio field recorder is that the mics are not mounted to the camera (unless you want them to be). In a stereo audio environment, this lets the camera move - but the audio does not... or lets the audio move spatially - which the camera remains put. The advantage is similar to using a cabled mic on a camcorder (again, not camcorder-mounted) assuming the camcorder has appropriate audio-in connectivity. Lighting: Video is very different from still image capture. I would not depend on a camcorder's still pictures - use a still camera for that - so do not worry about a camcorder's flash. But a video light is a very handy accessory, especially if the camcorder has smaller lenses an imaging chips as will be common in the camcorder price range you are looking at. Your price range puts us in the mid to high end of consumer camcorders. If you are working in daylight, generally, fill-in lighting is not required (but in the still image environment, fill-in flash is pretty common) - unless you shot/sequence really calls for it. Generally, video add-on lighting (either camera mounted or external) is used for indoor or low-light situations. In any case, learn to use the white balance feature...
Top 10 Questions About Video Answered
Considering that video may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about video for you to get started.1. How to cut large video without video editing software (Windows)If you need to make multiple cuts and then join them or edit those cuts, you will need a video editor to do it efficiently. Try Shotcut2. Free video Converter?you can try free Aiseesoft total video converter. Aiseesoft Total Video Converter is the Best Video Converter software that created to help you convert video to MP4/MKV/WMV/AVI and other popular formats such as: MP4, H.264, AVI, MP3, WMV, WMA, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, VOB, DivX, Mov, RM, RMVB, M4A, AAC, WAV, etc with high speed and excellent sound/image quality.3. where can i buy video tapes for a video recorder?target and walmart might still carry the VHS tapes, I have gotten them there. You can get Minidv tapes anywhere that sells camera stuff. VHS-c, not sure about these4. Why do people think families ate healthier in the olden days (1960's downwards)?In the olden days as you put it, most foods were not yet factory farmed. Animals which are factory farmed require large doses of antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to reach butchering age. High fructose corn sweetener had not yet been invented. Food was not nearly as processed and there were very few food additives unlike there are today. Also kids grew up outdoors, running, playing, riding their bicycles, not parked in front of a television, computer or video game system. People had very active lifestyles and as such burned many more calories. These days most foods are highly processed, loaded with chemical additives, chemical flavorings and chemical colorants. It is all but impossible to find foods which are not genetically modified or loaded with high fructose corn sweetener (HFCS). HFCS is a major contributor to obesity, type 2 diabetes and ADD/ADHD. It is not equivalent to table sugar as studies funded by the soda industries and the Corn Processors Association would have you believe. Take a kid off HFCS and red #5, quit feeding them a diet chocked full of carbs and watch the symptoms of ADD/ADHD go away5. Ideas for a youtube video?5 second video of you with a keyboard on your head6. How do I shrink web video? (this is not youtube video)?hi Amy-Lou, It relies upon on as quickly as you tried to function it, i propose YouTube grew to grow to be recent technique information superhighway website maintenance the day in the previous in the present day (i am unclear approximately in the present day) yet i attempted importing a video the day in the previous in the present day no rely if it did no longer submit using section maintained. want this helped! Cheers!7. Video card problem?Have you installed the drivers? Do you know your power supply? Make sure the video card is inserted all the way. Go back into the case and push in again8. Is there any advantage to acquiring a 50mm lens for portrait work if I already have a 35mm and 85mm?I think there is a huge difference. I have a Sony A7 with both lenses, and my 50 is clearer and brings the persons face into better focus than the 35. but how to show it to you here ? short of posting a number of my pictures and trying to explain it I searched around and in Photography Today found this link. Its very clear how he explains it and you will see the difference clearly. Then make your own decision what lens you want to use. Having both lets you select how you want to portray your subject. That is what I do.Here is the link and video9. Is a Nikon D40 good for beginner?You should buy this one nikon Coolpix S8100 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor for high-speed operation and low-light performance 10x wide-angle optical Zoom-Nikkor ED glass lens 3-inch Ultra-High Resolution (921,000-dot) Clear Color Display Full HD (1080p) Movie with Stereo and HDMI Output Capture images and video to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)10. Video Projector Question?a 800x600 display for hd signals like the 360... mfw. you would be better off buying a 150$ 24" 1080p monitor from staples. at only 1,100 lumens, it has to be completely dark, and even after that you wont have good contrast. if you are going to use a projector for 360-ps3, you have to have these specs. 1. 720p 2. 1,500 lumens if you still dont care and want one of those projectors. get the infocus.
Security Video Recording - Stand Alone Or PC-Based?
Are you ready to wire your home for security video recording and deciding between stand alone or PC based system? Read on to find out which is which for your home and property protection.Security Video Recording Now and In the FutureThere are different reasons to choose a surveillance system to protect your family and property. Choosing the right system is like choosing the fitting wedding theme to reflect your personalities or pay homage to your love story.Choosing a home security system is a serious matter to consider after the honeymoon. You have the security of your future family to think of.When choosing the security video recording for your home, you'll have to decide if you need a stand alone or a PC-based system. The cameras that record the activities in the different parts of the house, indoors and outdoors, are wired to a mother system that spells the big difference in budget, functionality, and flexibility.When you are shopping for a video security system, have a general idea of what will work for you at present and how you envision to work when the kids start coming. With kids around, that would be a different matter and you and your spouse can brainstorm about the present and future requirements for your home video security system.Stand Alone vs. PC-based SystemYou have seen those surveillance cameras everywhere, and got used to the idea that you are on camera at the malls, in the office, on the street, and even in the restroom (though this is outlawed). So deciding on a security video recording system should not be much of a puzzler. You know what you want, but you do not know how to get around the multiple products offered.As a newlywed couple and living in a small apartment, you'll need a simple but effective surveillance system. You want to know who is buzzing the doorbell, or what the cleaning woman is doing when she does her Monday chores. You will be thinking in terms of two to three cameras and the idea of a stand alone model.A stand alone model sounds a good idea for the set-up but when the babies start coming or getting a bigger house, you cannot easily upgrade your surveillance network. You are tied to the number of cameras indicated in the DVR box. Here are more snags with the stand alone option; you cannot store the images directly in the hard disk of your PC, which makes it difficult to manage your files.A PC-based system allows for the transition from a four-camera system to 11 to 46 without giving you much technical headaches. All you need is a corresponding video capture card to meet your surveillance needs. It sounds easy, and it sure is easy to upgrade your system when you're using a PC-based system.Going DigitalUsing the PC-based system for your digital security video recording will enable you to easily view all images from the different working cameras. The advantage a DVR PC-based system does away with unnecessary recording. It only records when it detects detection so this frees up a large chunk from your hard disk drive.So between the stand alone or PC-based system for your security video recording, which would you choose?
Top 10 Video Questions
Here are top 10 questions about video asked by people online.1. 5 of the BEST Mini-DronesDrones quickly became a videographers favorite tool when they were first introduced, and now they are still a favored pastime. They have become a sought out piece of gear for taking stunning images and videos. These flying machines range in size, weight, and functionality but bigger does not always mean better when it comes to drone flying. Whether you are looking for a new drone to have fun flying around the backyard, want something to learn how to fly on, or need something that will take your photography and videos to a new level you will find something appealing on this list. We've compiled 5 of the Best mini-drones, specifically catered to POV drone videographers and those that need a small, quick camera that can fly to get the job done! The DJI Mavic Mini is a lightweight, compact, drone that could easily fit in your pocket. Even with its small size, you wo not notice a compromise in design or capabilities. This mini drone can capture 2.7K video and is equipped with a 24mm lens at a fixed f2.8 aperture. It can fly steady and stable in breezy conditions which is a huge accomplishment for a drone of this size and weighing under a half-pound. Each flight lasts for a little over 25 minutes at a time, but keep in mind that wind and the temperature can hinder or lengthen flight time. It can reach a height of 1600 feet and be controlled in over a 2 mile span. The only disadvantage to this high altitude and long-range of flight, you can quickly lose track of where this tiny device is in the sky if you take your eyes off of it for even a brief moment. You can buy the drone alone but for a little extra you can get a complete kit that is packed with everything you need to take flight and more. Check it out here. This drone is for beginners and enthusiasts alike. It offers beginners a stable flying machine that is easy to handle and control. Its body is durable so it can handle all-of-the-sudden landings that tend to occur while you are just getting the hang of drone flying. Those who are more experienced with drone flying will love the high speed and aerodynamic design. This little drone also makes it possible for you to record video at 25 frames per second and features a 2mp camera. The biggest downfall of this drone is that it only averages about 10 minutes of flight time. While you may not get that long of air time it is still one of the top picks if you are looking for something to have some fun with. This pocket-sized drone is great for those wanting to learn how to fly a drone and have more fun doing so. Its durable ABS plastic allows it to handle minor bumps and crashes with no problem. It has a flight time of about 8 minutes, but when paired with its bonus battery you can enjoy twice as long of flight time. This little drone is equipped with a 720 D camera that captures clear images and stable videos. Footage captured is sent directly to your smartphone for easy instant sharing abilities. While you wo not find controls to adjust your footage capture it still is able to deliver high-quality images and video that is unmatched when compared to other drones in this price range. One of the impressive features of this drone is its performance. Smaller drones can be tricky to keep at higher altitudes but this drone is designed with a built-in barometer. When there is a change in air pressure it will automatically adjust to better stabilize its eight. This combined with its 6-axis gyroscope helps you operate the drone with more precision. Overall, this drone does not have all the bells and whistles that some of the others on this list offer. But, for first-time flyers, this is one of the best drones to learn while still being able to do some cool tricks. For video enthusiasts and photographers, this is the best drone for capturing footage. It offers plenty of shooting modes along with an intelligent flight mode so you can get specific shots with ease. This drone allows you to take timelapse, quick shots, point of interest shots, HDR, night mode, Panos and so much more. It's larger sensor results in some of the best quality footage that you will find with drone images and videos. It also shoots in RAW footage so it is much easier to go in and edit some of the unwanted camera flares and discoloration. Overall this drone can be easily used by beginner and novelist alike and is one of the best drones for those wanting to capture stunning landscapes or city scenes. It is a powerful drone that is geared towards professionals but those who are just getting their feet wet in drone flying will find this one a suitable drone to learn and grow with. This drone has some unique features that you wo not find on many other drones. First, it features a gimbal that can tilt a full 180 degrees. You not only are able to shoot fantastic birds-eye view shots from straight down but even more unique shots from straight up. It also features a zoom lens, which allows you to zoom in 1.4X while shooting 4K video or 2.4x while shooting in 1080p mode. Aside from these features, it is also packed with various camera shots such as drones, orbit reveal, and others. These can also be combined with the lossless zoom feature that gives you an opportunity to capture some stunning perspective. You can shoot 4K HDR with its camera but the footage tends to be blown out and noisy. This seems to only worsen as you use the zoom feature. One major downfall of this drone is there is no obstacle avoidance sensor built-in. This is usually a must-have feature that keeps the drone from crashing into things while in flight. Overall this is a lightweight drone that will give you something to play around with. It can take some unique images that you wo not be able to recreate with any other drone imaging device.2. For VGA and HDMI converters, do you need to buy the cables and the blocky thing, or what?That depends on what you are trying to hook up. DVI to HDMI is a simple cable. VGA to almost anything requires a converter bock. What happens is that you have digital (DVI-d, DVI-i, HDMI, Display Port) signals. ANd you have analog signals (VGA, S-video, composite, component). The analog video signals are not compatible with each other and going from one to another requires a converter block. Going from an analog to a digital signal also requires a converter. A converter is also needed for going the other way (digital to analog). So any time you have an analog signal, you will need to have a converter. Unless you are making a same to same (IE: VGA to VGA) connection. On the other hand, the digital signals have a common operating mode that makes them interchangeable without a converter. So digital to digital does not require a converter box. One other thing. A DVI-i connector has both the digital and VGA signals on it. So you may see a passive DVI to VGA converter. All it is doing is bringing out the VGA signals to the more common 15 pin VGA connector. As for audio connections. The digital connections can carry both audio and video on the same cable. The audio connectors you see on the converters are there to either strip off the audio or allow you to insert audio, depending on which way the conversion is going.
Related Questions of Video
Here are top 10 questions about video asked by people online.1. Windows media player playing audio but not video?idunno.. mines plays video but no audio... lets trade2. 5 Tips To Crush Your Gift-Giving Campaign GoalsTis the season for brand gift-giving and to the smartest marketer goes the spoils (also known as tangible results). While gift-giving is a great way to reconnect, we often miss the mark on how it furthers our organizational goals. Warm fuzzies and the offhand "thank you for the gift!" should not be objective. Gift-giving campaigns, like any marketing initiative, should be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based), which requires thoughtful planning and skillful execution. Here are five tips to crush your gift-giving campaign goals: Before you start writing checks for pretty gifts like a desperate Saint Nick, think about what you want to achieve. What are the business challenges that keep you up at night? What growth opportunities already exist and how can you fully take advantage? With COVID-19 disrupting the well-laid plans of many, a gift-giving campaign could be the perfect way for your organization to recover and move the needle on some long-term goals. So where do you start? It's easy to get caught up in the shiny possibilities, going for the lofty goals like a cat reaching for the brightest ornament on the tree. Resist this. Choose an objective that can be easily executed and analyzed within a short timeframe, so you can determine quickly if the campaign is effective or not. Determine your key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure based on the objective. For example, if the goal of your gift-giving campaign is to drive sales, tracking your leads to conversion rates would provide a clear understanding of your campaign's success. One of the easiest options is to use a QR code, imprinted on the product or on an insert that comes with the gift. You can also send a follow-up email with a custom link. Make sure to prompt the recipient to DO something (e.g. Get 20% by confirming you received your gift). A clever way to do this is to send a postcard first that asks them to claim their free gift. This allows you not only to track engagement but also ensures those who want your gift receive it. Gimmicks are eye-catching and can be quite memorable (and who does not want to be remembered?). However, they are also expected, which makes them easy to ignore. And even if you manage to resonate with some of your target markets, the results with be short-lived. You have to give a reason to invest in your organization and a flashy marketing ploy is not going to cut it. This year has also been unprecedented, full of natural disasters and civil unrest with the pandemic as a backdrop. People want truth and authenticity, and if you fail to deliver that, they will move on. And during a time of such uncertainty, you cannot afford to lose the attention of your market. Reel them in with honest, straightforward language and a call to action that centers their needs. Rather than ask for a buy or sign up, encourage the recipient to connect or share their experience. Focusing on what value your organization can add for the recipient is the best way to keep you honest. This is where your buyer persona comes in, which should outline how your target market ticks ( if you do not have one, Hubspot has a handy persona creator that we like to get you started). The goal is to make the recipient feel genuinely supported. Make this an opportunity to acknowledge the struggles of this year and how your organization can lighten the load. Resist the urge to go with the flashiest, most lavish gift. For one, the costs will quickly outweigh the results. Secondly, if you are getting products for corporate clients, there are often limits on what type of gifts they can accept. Typically you are safe with items valued under $15 but check with the company if you are concerned. Beyond the cost aspect, the entire point of doing a gift campaign is to let your target market know what your organization is about. The product you choose should reflect your brand identity and drive your organization's mission. One of our clients, Georgia College & State University, operates under the mission "Think Independently. Lead Creatively." So when their student success center needed gifts, they chose a product that was a creative spin on a classic. The Campfire Mug, ceramic with a retro granite design that is eye-catching and on-trend, complimented the college's dynamic style of learning. And it definitely was a hit with the students - the mug has been purchased repeatedly by the center. Another aspect to consider is the tumultous nature of 2020, leading many us to just want comfort. Products that can provide this will always be winners. This includes food gifts, games, drinkware, apparel - essentially anything you can wrap yourself in and disappear (metaphorically, of course). And if you need help determining what makes sense for you, Choice Premiums's staff are branding experts - we got you covered. Personalize. Ninety-six percent of marketers say that personalization advances their customer relationships, and a gift campaign provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Packaging, inserts, calls to action, and of course, the product itself can all be individually personalized to suit the recipient. One of our favorite campaigns was for Duck River Electric, an electric cooperative. The co-op needed a way to show their employees some love and chose the Urban Peak Camber Trail Tumbler as a gift. This was a great option not only because of the high utility (48% of people keep gifts for this reason) and the optimal price point (under $20), but it included free personalization. Each tumbler was imprinted with the name of the employee. And as research shows, we love items that have our name - does not get more personal than that. Your follow-up strategy is another excellent opportunity to personalize. Rather than send a generic email to recipients, schedule a call or video chat, and ask for feedback. Ask questions about how their year has been and what you can do to help. Be genuine and helpful. Unboxing is not just for beauty brands and ASMR videos. Memorable packaging elevates any gift-giving campaign as well as your organization. A perfectly wrapped gift increases the perceived value, making an excellent first impression. You also generate genuine excitement about your gift-there is something special about having to open a package for a big reveal. Up the ante by asking recipients to share a photo or video of them unboxing your gift. It's a great way to generate buzz about your brand and deepen your customer relationships. Given our collective love of unboxing videos, this strategy brings joy that reaches beyond your gift-giving campaign. It celebrates your clients and the joy of giving. What could be better than seeing someone's face light up from a gift you gave them? These are just a few tips to help you increase the impact of your gift-giving campaign. However you decide to build your campaign, remember to always center the recipient. Their satisfaction is the only metric that truly matters.
10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Video
Considering that video may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about video for you to get started.1. Which is the best place for a pre-wedding shoot?it's not necessary to go to famous places. but it is necessary to shoot pre wedding photos and videos. yes. very much. it will feel you like model, hero of a movie. If your photographer is good enough you will get awesome pics and video. let see my video.it is a trailer only. I will upload full video later.Also I will upload more photos later.Please Subscribe my channel for more videos and photos2. iPhone 12 might be good enough. How to know if you really need the Pro or Pro Max modelThe iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are among the highest-rated phones CNET has ever reviewed. With features including 5G, a super-fast and powerful processor and fantastic rear cameras, the iPhone 12 line will likely be a top choice for anyone in need of a phone. But Apple released four iPhone 12 variants, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max and a whole new model called the iPhone 12 Mini. The company is splitting these devices into two distinct categories: the regular iPhone 12 line and the Pro models, aimed at people who love photography and have more money to spend. (One difference between the two? Only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini come in Apple's new purple hue.) To see which phone is best for you and your budget, I compared the iPhone 12 with the two Pro devices, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, taking into account their design, cameras, performance and other features. Read on to see which one is right for you. Read more: iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max vs. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max: Apple's premium phones compared Read more: Best eco-friendly iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases Design: Polished, signature Apple look across the board In general, all three iPhone 12 models look similar. All have OLED displays, are IP68 rated for water-resistance, have magnetic backings that work with new MagSafe chargers and accessories and they have more durable screens strengthened by ceramic. And like past iPhone models, they do not have headphone jacks. But the most notable difference is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the biggest screen. Get the 6.7-inch Pro Max if you are sure you want to have the most immersive experience you can watching movies, playing graphic-intensive games and video conferencing with your friends and family. If you would rather get something smaller, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have 6.1-inch displays with the same resolution and pixel density, so images will look equally sharp no matter what device you choose. But the iPhone 12 Pro's display is brighter -- its screen features 800 nits of brightness compared to the iPhone 12's 625 nits. While I do not anticipate any issues with the iPhone 12's display, the iPhone 12 Pro's additional brightness is likely to come in handy when you are looking at your phone outdoors on a sunny day. Though the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are the same size, the 12 Pro is heavier thanks to its extra hardware and the fact that, like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it's made of stainless steel. The iPhone 12, meanwhile, is made out of aluminum. It's strong in its own right and lighter than steel, but it's not as tough. The iPhone 12 comes in six color variants: a deep blue, a minty green, red, purple, white and black. Though the choices are not as fun as the previous year's iPhone 11 pastels (with the exception of purple, which did not arrive until 6 months after the iPhone 12 launch), it's more vibrant than the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, which have four colors. Apple offers the familiar grey, silver and gold as well as a grayish-blue it calls Pacific blue. Read more: The best phone to buy for 2021 All phones have identical wide and ultrawide cameras to take photos with a wide field of view. But the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max have a third telephoto lens, which allows for optical zoom and improved portrait photos, though the iPhone 12 can still take portraits. Note that the Pro models' telephoto lenses have different apertures. The iPhone 12 Pro has an f2.0 aperture while the iPhone 12 Pro Max's aperture is f2.2. They also have different zoom ranges. The 12 Pro has a digital zoom up to 10x and an optical zoom of 4x. The iPhone 12 Pro Max can go in even closer: it can digitally zoom up to 12x and it has a 5x optical zoom. The Pro models also have two more things the iPhone 12 does not : lidar and ProRaw. Lidar sensors use infrared lasers to scan for depth, dimension and distance. It's similar to the technology that Face ID uses to scan your face to unlock your iPhone, but it has a longer range. Now that it's included in a rear camera, lidar is great for low-light photography, specifically portrait photos in Night Mode. (Lidar also can be used for AR, which I will go into detail later.) ProRaw is a feature aimed at photography enthusiasts. Saving photos in raw allows for greater control and editing after you capture an image because the file format is uncompressed. But since raw images are also unprocessed, you do not get the benefits of Apple's image processing. ProRaw aims to give you the best of both -- these images are processed for noise reduction and dynamic range, but not other things like white balance. You also get more options with video if you choose one of the Pro models. Though all iPhone 12 devices have HDR video recording with Dolby Vision, the iPhone 12 captures this video at 30 frames per second. But on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max you can capture it at the much faster rate of 60fps. Digital zoom is different across the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max as well. For video you can zoom up to 3x, 6x and 7x, respectively. One thing the iPhone 12 Pro Max has that none of the other iPhone 12 handsets have is a different type of image stabilization for video called sensor-shift image stabilization (also known as in-body image stabilization. Usually seen in premium mirrorless cameras, it means that the stabilization system is located inside the camera itself, on top of other stabilization methods like digital and electronic techniques and the phone's gyroscope. Whether or not this means the iPhone 12 Pro Max is noticeably better at stabilizing video than the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro remains to be seen. The three iPhone 12 models are equipped with Apple's A14 Bionic chip. We have not tested the iPhone 12 Pro Max yet, but we did test the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. Both netted comparable scores on benchmark tests and actually scored the highest numbers on any phone we've ever tested. We expect the iPhone 12 Pro Max to get similar marks and I will update the piece when those numbers come in. Apple does not disclose the battery capacity of its phones and public knowledge of how big iPhone batteries usually come from unofficial, third-party teardowns. We did, however, conduct preliminary tests for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. We ran a single battery test for continuous video playback on Airplane mode and the iPhone 12 lasted 17 hours, 14 minutes while the iPhone 12 Pro drained a bit faster at 15 hours, 56 minutes. Due to its size, it's likely the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the biggest battery of the three. But runtime may remain relatively similar, so we expect its numbers to be around 15 to 17 hours. Check back with this piece though when final results are in for all three phones. Other features to consider: Lidar scanners and memory capacities I already mentioned the benefits of the lidar scanners in the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max in relation to photography. But the sensors can enhance augmented reality features too. It can carry out AR tasks faster (think: building out a detailed 3D map of a room within minutes) or execute much more complicated tasks like occlusion, which is when you place a virtual object behind a real one. We will learn more about the full scope of the iPhone 12 Pro's lidar capabilities when more developers use the technology, but apps and services like Snapchat are already updating their software to take advantage of it. The iPhone 12 starts at a lower base memory capacity and comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB options. The Pro models' tiers are 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Only you can determine how much memory you need and if your budget allows for more. But if you plan on capturing a ton of photos or shooting a lot of high-resolution videos, you will need more memory if you want to save them locally. If you plan on subscribing to Apple's iCloud storage service, onboard memory should not be much of an issue.
Staff Faulted in Use of Shock
STOUGHTON - A state report identifies multiple failures by staff members of a group home that allowed two emotionally disturbed teenagers to be given dozens of electrical shocks at the direction of a caller posing as a supervisor.The report says none of the six staff members in a Stoughton residence run by the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center on the night of Aug. 26 acted to stop the harrowing events for three hours, despite ample reasons to doubt the validity of the caller's instructions to wake the boys in the middle of the night and administer painful shock treatments, at times while their arms and legs were bound.The caller said he was ordering the punishments because the teenagers had misbehaved earlier in the evening, but none of the home's staff had witnessed the behavior that the caller cited. As the two boys' screams could be heard throughout the house, near-mutiny erupted among the other boys, who insisted that the accused teenagers had violated no rules. One boy even suggested the call was a hoax, according to the report by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, which licenses group homes.The staffers, inexperienced and overworked, were described as concerned and reluctant, yet nobody verified the orders with central office, nor did anybody check treatment plans for the two teenagers to be sure they were permitted to receive that degree of shock therapy.The Rotenberg Center has long been controversial for punishing students with two-second shocks, delivered through electrodes attached to their skin, and it is now permitted only on residents with court-approved "aversive therapy" plans.In addition, the report said staff at the Stoughton house did not know who the shift supervisor was that night; the senior staffer did nothing to intervene.By the time a call was finally placed to the central office and staff members realized their mistake, one teenager had received 77 shocks, well in excess of what his treatment plan allowed, and the other received 29. One boy was taken to the hospital for treatment of two first-degree burns.One reason the staff may not have been more suspicious of the call was that it was not unusual to receive orders over the phone to administer electric shocks or other discipline. To provide round-the-clock monitoring of its residents, as well as monitor the staff's compliance with procedures, the Rotenberg Center, based in Canton,uses an extensive set of surveillance cameras in its group homes. A central office employee watches a bank of television screens, and is authorized to initiate discipline by phone.The six staff members have been suspended, as was the video surveillance worker on duty that night, according to the report.As a result of the investigation, Rotenberg officials have expanded training for staff, instituted new telephone verification procedures, added oversight at group homes, and eliminated delayed punishment, the use of shocks long after an alleged offense.
I Am a Stranger Things Kid and I Believe in Monsters and Stuff but Not That Girls Can Play Video Gam
It's me, one of those cute Stranger Things kids. But none of it is as crazy to me as the idea that a girl - yes, that's right, a girl - might be interested in playing video games. That is a bridge too far, and I will not ride my bike across it. Hope he's not possessed by an alien or something!.Hi Racist Person,I am sure you are currently overwhelmed with the public reaction to that video of you being racist, and you wo not even read this letter. Come on, girl!When you see a little girl selling water bottles, keep walking. You do not need any background knowledge in video making to create a nice video. The third step involves choosing a music for your slideshows.It's me, one of those cute Stranger Things kids. In the last year, I have seen some real messed up shit: One of my best friends was captured by some kind of lizard monster and taken to a place called the Upside Down, a different dimension that was my town but also not my town. My friend's mom lost it, we met a girl named Eleven who seemingly can bend time and space, and some other girl died - but I guess I do not really care about the last thing. It all sounds pretty crazy, right? But none of it is as crazy to me as the idea that a girl - yes, that's right, a girl - might be interested in playing video games. That is a bridge too far, and I will not ride my bike across it. There are a few things I understand to be true: I love my friends even though we fight, friends do not lie, and girls do not play video games. Girls are either mostly mute like Eleven or girly, goody two-shoes like Nancy. Since I've never met a girl who likes the same things as me, I refuse believe that one could exist. Sure, there's a new girl in town named Max who happened to get here just as there was a new high score on the Dig Dug machine, but I will believe that it's Max who got that score when pigs fly - which is not a thing that has happened in my town yet. I would like to think I have an open mind. You could tell me that ghosts walk amongst us and I would believe you. My entire neighborhood is probably built on top of a very large Indian burial ground. Of course Area 51 exists and the government is lying to us. But we all know that there are girl things and there are boy things. I do not make the rules, but I do love them and I follow them both in my real life and during endless Dungeons & Dragons games. Video games are a boy thing. Girl things are Eggos and trying to decide which boy you should date - Steve or Jonathan. There might be other girl things, but I've only spoken to two girls in my life so far. Older girls are moms, and they like crying and Christmas lights, but definitely not video games.Next thing I know, you are going to try to tell me that there are girls who like Ghostbusters, or even boys who like girl stuff. Or, let me guess - that boys and girls can be friends without developing romantic feelings for each other! Haha. That's a pretty funny idea. Anyway, I have to go. My friend Will just got back from the Upside Down and he's acting super weird. Hope he's not possessed by an alien or something!.Open Letter To That Racist Person From That VideoHi Racist Person,I am sure you are currently overwhelmed with the public reaction to that video of you being racist, and you wo not even read this letter. But on the small chance that you do: what the fuck, brah?I am not going to waste my breath explaining to you that the people you hate are, well, people. That's not what I am trying to do here. I am tired of that and you are clearly not going to listen. So I am just going to ask you something. Why? Why say these things when you know it will come back to haunt you? Why do it? Is your insatiable need to put down others greater than your instinct of self-preservation? Like, why?Just shut up. Shut your mouth hole. Just be quiet. It's not that hard. It's what you used to do before Trump was president! Just go back to a time when you were not as emboldened.When you see a Latino person doing their job, just keep walking! You do not need to stop what you are doing and go yell at them to go back to Mexico. No one is making you do this. Also chances are they are not even from Mexico. There's a whole list of other countries to choose from but that's not the point, Karen! Karen, look at me! You could lose your job when that video is posted! What are your kids going to eat, Karen? Come on, girl!When you see a little girl selling water bottles, keep walking. She's selling water bottles, for Christ's sake. You do not need to call the cops! Like, what do you even get out of that, other than your business crumbling? You big dumb dummy!And Jesus Christ, if you have a successful career in a competitive field, do not ruin your life just to yell at some people speaking Spanish in a restaurant! Jeez! Like, you've worked so hard! What is wrong with you? Seriously! What is wrong with you? I am like, concerned for you hateful assholes.All I know is that if one of you dummies comes up to me or one of my loved ones and starts saying some racist shit, I will expose you. I wo not like it, but I will do it. It is my right as a Latina woman and as an iPhone owner (because like, who even cares if you film an injustice with an Android). Just do not do it, okay? I do not wanna deal with it. Spare me the headache, Karen.Just shut. Your. Mouths. It's not that hard!Love,EllieP.S. Seriously? She sold marijuana for dogs and called the cops on a child selling water? Like... I need to lie downHow to create a Valentine's Day SlideShow video for free?Valentine's Day is soon to come and you still have not got any gift idea. Well then, continue reading this article.Most popular gifts for this day are cards, flowers and sweets. These are the traditional ones. As this is a special day most people want to make a special gift for 'the special one'. In order to make a memorable gift for their beloved one people go creative, make various shaped handmade cards, or pay a lot of money to get a box of heart-shaped chocolates or other presents. But expensive does not always mean good and memorable. Well, these are good presents, and some other nice gift ideas can be found on the internet. What we offer now is a more modern and innovative way of congratulating your beloved person. We suggest you using romantic slideshows to melt your lover's heart. How to create such slideshow?Go to our website and sign in to start making your own videos and slideshows. You can create a new account or sign in with your Facebook.In the section of "video templates" find "love slideshows", and pick up a slideshow template that suits your needs best. How to create such slideshow?Go to our website and sign in to start making your own videos and slideshows. You can create a new account or sign in with your Facebook.In the section of "video templates" find "love slideshows", and pick up a slideshow template that suits your needs best. You can look through various slideshow templates displayed here, watch them online and after choosing one start creating. Before creating you can choose how long you want your video to be. You do not need any background knowledge in video making to create a nice video. All tools are displayed so that there can be no confusion.Working with tools is pretty easy. For the first step, all you need to do is to upload your pictures and write your texts.The second step includes editing the colors of your slideshow. Pick the ones you like the best or the ones you think your valentine would like.The third step involves choosing a music for your slideshows. Render Forest suggests many options, but here you also have the opportunity to download your own music and even to add a voiceover. After doing this, the last step is to click on the 'preview' button to watch your videos. Preview it before downloading to make sure it looks the way you want.After following all these steps you are good to go. You can download the video and share it on social media. Share it with your beloved person, make a romantic surprise for him/her5 Reasons Why Video Calls Are StressfulI do not know what the future will look like but I certainly hope it will involve fewer video calls. As a communicator, a photographer and a former journalist, I am used to interacting with several people in a day. A day without at least 2 meetings and a handful of calls is something I cannot even imagine. While travelling to these meetings can be physically exhausting, soon after we went into the lockdown, we realized that video calls can be equally tiring - especially when you are working from home.When we went into a lockdown (In India), video calls became the norm. Initially, it helped alleviate the sense of isolation. However, as the days went by, and every call had to be a video call, it became a bit of a problem and a source of anxiety for many.Combined with the anxiety of living in the midst of a pandemic, the video call fatigue is very real. What makes it so tiring?It is like being on stage, where all the attention is on you. For those of us who are not used to being on camera, this creates anxiety on how you behave, how you look.It is like sitting in front of a mirror with a bunch of other people while talking something series. You are more conscious of your expressions, thereby of what you are saying. A lot of people spend time looking at their own expressions being reflected back on the screen and trying to control how they are supposed to appear (Admit it! You spend quite a bit of time on video chats looking at yourself instead of the others!).You feel like you need to stare into the screen just to so others know that you are paying attention. Screen fatigue is real!Technical IssuesTechnical issues are the norm - the network disconnects, or there is a lag. But the delay in transmission of voice causes anxiety - are we still connected? Did we offend the other person? Is it just a tech malfunction or why does the person sound like Darth Vader? Is it actually Darth Vader? Do I sound like Darth Vader?Too many people talking at the same time!Any video call with more than 3 people is bound to have endless confusion. People talking over each other, issues with microphone and video just add to the chaos.We evaluated many video calls and realised there was really no reason for the camera to be on. In fact, many of these could have been emails!As we figure out the 'new normal', we probably need to rethink what calls really need video and what works with just voiceHow Artificial Intelligence are used in Video GamesWhat is the first thing you think of, when you hear the someone say Artificial Intelligence or the word AI? A group of robots taking over the world? A super intelligent robot or computer that is superior to mankind? The terminator? Well, it emphasizes the creation of machines that think and learn.By definition, artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a machine or program to think and learn. It's idea revolves around building machines that act and learn from humans to be like humans. The ability to learn and think should allow AI to mimic human thoughts and behaviors as well as to think rationally, ethically, and intelligently. That is the result of AI being capable of interacting with their environment and being able to act upon it in a human way.With what the AI are capable of, would you think of the same think when you hear artificial intelligence used in video games? In video games, it's used to determine the behavior of non-playable characters or NPCs. These guys are used for any reason at all, plot device, assistance, or just part of the game. The behavior of the NPC can range from simple actions to being an opponent in a chess program that are able to go up against human players.The thing about how AI are used in video games is that the NPCs are not actually learning from the players who are playing. They are learning to act or react in a way depending on the scenario as compared to an AI that is learning to beat someone in a chess game. An example would be IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer that was developed to play chess and defeated the grand champion Garry Kasparov in 1997.So can a AI play a video game better than we can? Would they perform better than us in a way we expect or no? According to a bunch of researchers trying to teach an AI to play Sonic the Hedgehog as part of The OpenAI Retro Contest, the results are quite strange. The AI was told to increase its score through a gameplay. So that means collecting rings, defeating enemies while beating each level with the fastest time possible. While any other player would go through each level over and over to beat their time, the AI instead glitches through the game by going through the walls in one of the zones. In the end, the AI discovered shortcuts to reach its goal without understanding the concept of the game which was the opposite of what the researchers intended. This is why they can never think the same as we do
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